More Cold War Organisations

Article 5 is the key clause in the NATO treaty, committing members to come to the aid of a member under attack. It is also the title of our second supplement covering the armies of the USA, UK, West Germany, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands and france in the 1980s. There is a total of 67 company-sized lists including mechanised infantry, tanks, armoured cavalry, airborne and the Berlin garrisons, with a wide range of equipment including Abrams, Pattons, Jagdpanzers, Marders, Scimitars, AMXs and Milans (loads of them!) It includes details of support options and sample forces.

Useable for many games of company to battalion level, it includes points values for Sabresquadron rules.

It makes the perfect companion to the Seven Days To The Rhine Warsaw Pact supplement.

On sale for £8 for the PDF, with special deals if ordered with other products.

For a quick preview, you can download the Contents page from the website.