Ali Durust and Guards

Ali Durust likes Simurgh, he likes it as it is new, and growing, and vibrant and most importantly a profitable town.

Simurghs Southern Entrance

This initial success is due to the heroic efforts of Erland and Eydis the outlanders who saw off the bandit and raider problem that had turned the once former prosperous town into an almost abandoned forgotten dustbowl.

Eydis and Erland


This allowed the priests of Apis to set up their shrine, and make some watchtowers, and walls to keep the heathens out.
So far this deterrent has worked.
Simurgh's Market Quarter


However, many of the locals fear that the bandits would return should Erland and Eydis ever leave.
So once again, and again with only a minor tax increase, the priests of Apis have come to the aid of the normal good folk of Simurgh.

They have constructed a barracks block for the new town Watch to be housed in.

Barracks Block


These loyal and dedicated watchmen will keep Simurgh safe from foreign threats.

Simurgh Town Watch

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