Foundry Viking Age Figures Available in the USA at Badger Games

Foundry has released some wonderful Viking, Saxon and Norman SAGA boxed sets. Badger Games has’em! Foundry has three terrific 1066 AD ranges (Vikings, Saxons & Normans). Badger Games has’em!! Foundry has the true gems of the ex-Citadel Vikings, Saxons & Normans that many people have no idea are available again…Badger Games has those too!!!

Foundry has long been a gold standard in 28mm miniatures (as Wargames Foundry they invented the 28mm scale). There are nearly 100 packs of Viking Age goodness ready for your perusal on the Badger Games site.

Badger Games will be attending two major historical conventions in the next few months (RockCon and Fall-In) and we will have these fantastic figures at both.

Badger Games continues to believe in strong support of the hobby. If you run a SAGA or other Dark Ages rules system tournament in the United States contact us ([email protected]) about sponsorship. If you are interested in doing so, contact us about setting one up at your favorite CON!