Our final release of 2018 adds a French five to the Modern Vehicles range with the addition of the AMX-VCI APC and the Panhard EBR armoured car.

The AMX-VCI was an APC variant of the AMX-13 chassis, with around 3000 produced in a number of variants. We've got the three most useful types:
- the VTT with a standard turret mounted machine gun.
- the 12.7, fitted with a 50 calibre HMG.
- the M-56, fitted with a 20mm cannon.

As well as France, these were extensively used by both Belgium and the Netherlands and are still in active service in various other countries.

The Panhard EBR was an 8-wheeled armoured car which was originally designed before WWII but didn't start production until the early 1950's. Both the FL-10 and FL-11 variants had 75mm turrets, with the latter being sourced from the AMX-13 tank. Over 1000 of these were produced in total, with one of them carrying the coffin of Charles de Gaulle at his state funeral.

MDV66 AMX-VCI £3.30
MDV67 AMX-VCI 12.7 £3.30
MDV68 AMX-VCI M-56 £3.30
MDV69 Panhard EBR-75, FL-10 £2.95
MDV70 Panhard EBR-75, FL-11 (AMX turret) £2.95

And the pics:


MDV69 - Panhard EBR-75

And that's us all done for 2018! We'll see you in the New Year with some more new goodies!