We have taken possession of quite a few painted second hand figures over the last month or so, and we will be filtering these onto the website as and when we can.

The first three lots are all 20mm WW2. Firstly a 'Battle of Britain' set - this includes British civilians, German 5th Columists, downed aircrew from both sides and, of course, the Home Guard - with many of the well loved characters from Dads Army represented. This set is painted to a decent wargames standard and comprises of 47 figures. We have it for sale at £59.

The next two sets both comprise of figures from the superb AB Figures ranges - Late war British and ETO US infantry. They are both painted to a very high wargames standard. The Brits include motorcyclists and mine clearance team plus command and infantry. The GI's include command, anti tank teams and infantry. British - 60 figs, £195; US - 33 figs plus a jeep, £89.

A selection of images: