As well as the regular sales stock we now have the ‘For Sale’ section up again.

  • Two lots from Steve Jackson Games : Ogre (Designers Edition Counter sheets & maps) and a complete set of The Fantasy Trip (Kickstarter set plus Decks of Destiny and other extras).
  • Two 15mm lots : Napoleonic British & a large Pony Wars lot. Two other 15mm lots to come next week.
  • Two ancient 25/28mm lots
  • 1/2400th Napoleonic naval lot
  • A page of reference & rulebooks
  • A few pages of bits & bobs

This now means that all our products are now available again except for magnetic bases. Unfortunately these will not be available again for a while (see the website for more on this).

We now have :

  • Flags for a wide variety of periods from Crusades to Risorgimento in sizes from 6mm to 18mm (plus 22mm for our extensive Napoleonic range)
  • Armada naval flags & WW2 posters
  • Printed card counters for Ancient Galley warfare in both 1/1200th and 1/600th scales
  • Two sets of card buildings in 1/300th scale – Medieval & Renaissance
  • Ferrosheet and magnetic sheets in 3 sizes for storing magnetic or steel based figures or making your own magnetised bases
  • A ‘For Sale’ section to browse through some items three wargamers have found surplus to their requirements

Tony of TTT