It’s new release time!   We’ve had some little extras to add the WW2 range in various stage of preparation for some time now, and here are the end results.    The British, Germans and US paratroopers all get some drop canisters

Each pack contains 4 canisters and attendant paratrooper plus 8 collapsed shrouds giving you a great way to mark out the drop zones in your games.

You can find more details HERE

For those of you who prefer something more colourful we’ve added two more flag sheets to the rapidly expanding range of Thirty Years War colours.   This time we have some for the Protestant Union.


And the army of Christian of Denmark.

As with all of our latest releases these are vector images which produce wonderfully sharp and detailed results.    These are great value at just £1.46 plus VAT for 24 individual colours - 28mm equivalents run from 70p for a single flag!   Work is well underway on Spanish and French sheets for the period.

You can find more details HERE


Shifting back to the 20thC we’ve nearly completed work on the ANZACs to match against our recently released  Great War Ottoman Turks.    Here’s a sneak peek at the infantry from the range.

If all goes to plan these will be available at the Derby Worlds  show on October 7th and 8th.