A Round up of Recent News

Covid19 Pandemic

We hope this newsletter finds you all well, We're sorry that it's been a while, but when Covid19 hit us all we felt you had enough going on in your inboxes without adding to things. We have continued to trade normally and the ongoing support of our customers has been essential to us at this time, Thank you all for keeping us afloat. There were some slight delays in re-stocking initially as other businesses in the chain were closed, but by now things are ticking along smoothly. As you probably know we are up in the Highlands of Scotland, where we have not been too badly affected by the virus, although Lock down has been hard. The community has pulled together and we quickly set up a system to get your parcels delivered while maintaining social distancing and hygiene standards, thanks in no small part to our local postal service. We hope you have all managed to stay safe and well and haven't been too badly affected, our sympathies and condolences to those of you who have been.

Mosasaurus !

Our latest new miniature is has arrived with a splash. This Mosasaurus is 12.5cm long and sculpted by Andrew May. She is available in our Lost world department now for the sum of £20. This miniature is inspired by the dinosaur court sculptures at crystal Palace. It joins the Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, hylaeosaurus, labyrinthodonts and dicynodonts, who embody the Victorian vision of dinosaurs.

More Medieval Demons

Making his contribution to great toilet roll crisis of 2020, here is Belphegor upon his infernal "throne"! One of the seven princes of Hell, he was paid homage on the pierced chair, and was offered the vile residue of digestion. Inspired by the illustration in Dictionaire Infernal and sculpted by Martin Buck, we hope to have him cast up soon and join our range of demons!

We also have a preview of our forthcoming Ribesal mini. This mischievous mountain spirit is a master of controlling weather, so best not anger him or mock his appearance! Sculpted by Martin Buck and based on a drawing in the Dictionnaire Infernal by Louis Le Breton. Lets hope he brings us more good weather!