Built in the second half of the XIX century and outfitted with an Art Deco facade in the 1930s, The Monarch Theatre is one of the Dark City's most famous landmarks. Today the days of its glory are long gone and many remember it only as a place where one of the city's most renowned families were gunned down in a mob execution a couple of decades ago...
The Monarch will make a great addition to your pulp/superhero table - coming with two accessible levels, four sets of opening doors, removable gantry, two sheets of letters allowing you to put custom movie titles on the marquee, this kit combines great looks and options of customization with an array of tactical options. You can customize it even further by downloading and printing some classic movie posters from our website or by ordering a custom entrance sign.

DC21 - The Monarch Theatre - 39,95 EUR
DC21a - Custom Theatre Sign - 3,95 EUR

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