Due to be published Friday, 23rd January, issue 382 is the first helping of wargaming fare for 2015 and we’re very excited to be associated with the Hammerhead show – this issue contains the official guide for the event, which takes place on February 28th.

Briefing: with the terrible recent incidents events in France, the Editor takes a sober look at world events and considers how fortunate we are that our hobby does not reflect the reality of conflict too closely.
World Wide Wargaming: this month, following correspondence from readers, Henry has something more to say about the changes to #EUVAT regulations, lauds another pair of worthy blogs, and continues his own step-by-step guide to blogging.
Forward observer: Neil Shuck changes tack this time out, providing an introduction to podcasting prompted by last month’s WWW column. He also opens a new journal recording progress on a long-wished-for project to play games using the classic Operation Warboard by Gavin Lyall, and of course there’s news about the latest developments in the hobby.
Hanky planky: Diane Sutherland feels as though husband Jon’s plans have been rigged to make her life a misery, Notwithstanding, she makes light of the linen and sails through this latest task to make sails for pirate ships.
Fantasy facts: John Treadaway opens with a trip to London to visit Dragonmeet which he hasn’t been to in years, before diving into another bulging postbag full of goodies from CP Models, Brigade Models, Pigeon Guard Games, Crooked Dice and Secret Weapon Miniatures.
Debacle on the Danube: Scenario-meister Steve Jones branches out from single battles to provide us with a brilliant campaign setting, pitching French and Bavarians against Austrians in 1809. With maps, full Orders of Battle and delightful photos of his magnificent 6mm armies, this is a real feast!
Gravelines part 3: The Editor continues his exploration of the fascinating art and science of siege warfare during the Age of Enlightenment, aiming to make plain what is often thought of as a tricky subject. This month, we move from viewing forts in elevation to understanding the whys and wherefores of fortress design from above.
Hammerhead 2015 Show Guide: An eight-page section with everything you need to know about the show, including a list of games and traders and a helpful floor plan of the venue. Note that this show is distinguished by ALL the games being participation games.
Send three and fourpence: Conrad Kinch gets some extra elbow room this issue to delve into the subject of ammunition and how we can – or, more often, don’t – include rules for its supply in our games.
Mongol campaigns in Syria part 2 – the Battle of Hims, 1281: Another corking instalment from Mick Sayce, who describes how the Mongols were again shown to be far from invincible in another encounter with the fearsome forces of the Mamluks in Syria.
Passing the torch: New contributor Mike Hobbs, who often joins Neil Shuck on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast, adds his voice to the views on the future of the hobby.
Rapid Fire is 21: The pioneering WWII ruleset is 21 years old this year, so we asked Richard marsh from RF to celebrate the anniversary with a cautionary tale of battlegames and business.
Hex encounter: Due to the level of interest amongst readers, our boardgame column has doubled in size from one paltry page to two. Our expert in residence Brad Harmer takes this opportunity to tell us about the greatest escape, in which he waxes lyrical about one of the most exciting boardgames of all time – Escape from Colditz.
Recce: Our review team surveys Tomb of the Panzerwaffe by Aleksei Isaev and Maksim Kolomiets, Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood, Hungary 1944-45, the Panzers’ Last Stand by Philippe Guillemot, Class Wargames by Richard Barbrook, Hitler’s Spanish Legion: the Blue Division in Russia in WWII by Gerald R Kleinfeld, 1914: Glory’s End/When Eagles Fight from GMT Games, Da Nang Diary by Tom Yarborough, Battle on the Lomba 1987 by David Mannall, a slew of new products from The Airbrush Company, Modern War – Carrier Battlegroup from Decision Games and US Heavy Cruisers 1943-75 by Mark Stille.
• There is still a single place available for our Donald Featherstone Annual Tribute weekend, we have a report from our Combat Stress Appeal and as always, messages from your favourite advertisers.

Have a great start to 2015!