Miniature Wargames with Battlegames issue 386 Waterloo Special!

With the 200th anniversary nearly upon us (18th June 1815), it occurred to me that this would be the one and only opportunity for us to commemorate this epic event in European military history, so this issue will contain several articles marking this momentous occasion.

Military historian John Franklin describes the desperate fighting around the two key positions on the battlefield of Waterloo in The struggle for Hougoumont and La Haie Sainte.

Well-known wargamer Steve Jones has done us proud with Napoleon’s final gamble, a campaign game recreating those fateful 100 days leading to the Emperor’s downfall.

Cardboard terrain enthusiast Jeff Brown has created models of La Haie Sainte and Hougoumont for use with any size of miniature – just download the PDFs from our site and resize them to whatever scale is required!

None other than The Royal Armouries in Leeds have sent us a magnificent piece describing and showing the recent restoration work on Captain Siborne’s amazing model of Waterloo. They are also running a wargaming event on 13th and 14th June.

I shall also be cramming in as many photos of wonderful Waterloo wargames as possible, maps of the battlefield and other useful information to make this an issue all Napoleonic gamers will want to have in their collection!

And of course, there are other articles too, such as my Gravelines series, Andrew Rolph’s Spanish Civil War campaign, Fantasy Facts, Forward Observer, Hex Encounter and Diane Sutherland has something special up her sleeve.

So, this is the last chance to book your space in this not-to-be-missed issue. If you sell anything Waterloo-related – books, miniatures, scenery, rules, accessories – you won’t want to miss out!