MWBG 387



“Sumer is ycumen in”, as our medieval forbears might have said, and the latest issue of Miniature Wargames with Battlegames is packed full of goodies to keep you gaming happily as the weather – at last – grows warmer.


Here's what you can expect. Of course, we have our regular spots:


  • The Editor announces the surprise changeover of the magazine’s ownership to Warners Group Publications in his Briefing, and covers some critical topics in his World Wide Wargaming column, including ensuring that your precious data is backed up and the subject of email newsletters, as well as selecting two more Blogs of the Month.
  • Neil Shuck with Forward Observer, which includes a report from the ever-growing UK Games Expo, Plastic Soldier Company’s move into the realm of crossover board games and their release of Battlegroup Blitzkrieg, the emergence of MDF vehicles as well as buildings and new stuff from Forged in Battle.
  • Diane Sutherland uses her Wargames Widow column this month is “A tents moment”, where she demonstrates how to make… well, yes, tents! Follow her simple instructions and you’ll be a very happy camper.
  • Fantasy Facts columnist John Treadaway scans the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi wargaming, with plenty of fantasy again this month, following the release of Osprey’s Frostgrave There’s also stuff from new miniatures company Bolt Thrower, an enormous fantasy inn from 4Ground and a delightful leavening of futuristic vehicles and garages from Antenociti.
  • Conrad Kinch with his Send three and fourpence column gets very intellectual this month, discussing the way that wargames rules relate to The Law and The Hierarchy of Norms. No, I didn’t know what he was talking about until I read it either!
  • Boardgame specialist Brad Harmer uses his Hex Encounter column to explain why he prefers the world of boardgaming to miniatures gaming. Controversial? You decide.
  • In our highly respected Recce section this month, we’ve got the new Warband fantasy rules from Pendraken, the Star Wars: Armada boardgame, a book on Confederate artillery organisation, Osprey’s Mauser Military Rifles, Gunboats of World War I, the Storming Monte la Difensa RAID title, and Cherbourg 1944. We also review the game Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations, Stephen Summerfield’s Prussian Fusiliers title is examined, we discover the joys of the Beutepanzer, and round up with another attractive Osprey dealing with the marvellous Mamluk Askari 1250-1517.


In this issue, we also have:


  • Veteran gamer and rules writer Trevor Halsall delivers a brilliant scenario for the American Civil War battle of Chancellorsville 1863 in which Jackson’s Confederates have managed to completely outflank the Union line and launches a devastating flank attack.
  • Martin S Pike delivers a complete WWII Out-front card game and campaign system in the form of Korps Harteneck, recreating the Soviet offensive Operation Bagration in the summer of 1944. The article is supported by components you will be able to download from our website from this Friday 19th
  • Popular rulesmith Dan Mersey commemorates the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Evesham 1265, with a brilliant scenario he’s subtitled Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening! It includes a complete set of previously unpublished rules and again, there are components you will be able to download from our website later this week.
  • Well-known US gamer Jim Porky delivers a cracking scenario, the Battle of Trenton 1776 from the American War of Independence, in which the Americans clashed with Britain’s Hessian allies the day after Christmas.
  • John Lambshead reports on the giant Salute 2015 show held in London in April.
  • John Treadaway interviews The Brigadiers during a visit to sci-fi specialists Brigade Models where he chatted at length with owners Tony Francis and Phil Richards.
  • And of course we have an update from our continuing Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal and a competition to win a copy of PSC’s The Great War


Enjoy your summer!