MWBG 391


The wargaming season is in full flow as the clocks are about to change and the darker evenings turn a young man’s thoughts to brushwork and tabletop tactics. Here, then, is our inspirational offering for November:


In this issue:

  • Daniel Mersey is Cruising for a bruising, revelling in the quirky delights of early war British Cruiser tanks in the Western Desert. Power gamers who prefer ‘Überpanzers’ may prefer to look elsewhere!
  • Dave Tuck and photographer pal Malc Johnson deliver a wonderfully nostalgic piece with Apocryphal Well revisited, a scenario homage to Charles Grant and his book The Ancient Wargame. The look may be 1970s, but there’s also a full set of Ancients rules here alongside glorious eye candy! (Malc also took our cover pic.)
  • Regular contributor Arthur Harman has obviously been overdoing things, as he’s now retired to his bedroom to dream up wargaming ideas! The pleasant land of counterpane reveals the gaming possibilities of a neglected room in the house…
  • Allan Timms is a new contributor with a keen eye on his budget, and in Be a storage Scrooge he reveals his top tips for keeping down the expense of housing your miniatures safely.
  • Andy Copestake is back with further thoughts on inspiration in Are you inspired by dice? His contention is that rules mechanisms are unlikely to be what really get you fired up to start gaming – it’s all the other lovely stuff the hobby has to offer.
  • We also have two show reports this month, with coverage of Colours 2015 by John Treadaway and The Other Partizan 2015 by Neil Shuck. Lots of lovely pictures of pretty games, of course!


Of course, we have our regular spots:

  • The Editor reveals how inspiring he finds travel in his Briefing, and covers the online world and new developments in his World Wide Wargaming
  • Neil Shuck ponders trends in the hobby in Forward Observer, and this month he’s especially keen to reveal his extensive efforts at terrain building and his respect for the humble 1/72 plastic figure.
  • Diane Sutherland has been getting plastered this month, using her Wargames Widow column to achieve the perfect Ancient Greek look.
  • Fantasy Facts columnist John Treadaway scans the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi wargaming, with more for Frostgrave, lots of lovely stuff from Crooked Dice and Otherworld, new figures from Icarus Miniatures and a typically busy month at GZG and Brigade Models.
  • Boardgame specialist Brad Harmer uses his Hex Encounter column to provide a host of gaming ideas for your Hallowe’en pleasure.
  • Conrad Kinch has been scouring the videos on YouTube, skirting the kittens and weirdos to uncover the most useful weaponry documentaries for wargamers.
  • We have an update from our continuing Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal – look out for an announcement of a unique eBay auction next week – and our highly respected Recce section reviews all manner of books, rulesets, and other stuff.
  • Finally, our competition this month features a simply fantastic prize from Perry Miniatures – one of their brand new ACW ‘Battle in a Box’ sets worth £95!


Until next time, happy gaming!