Left Hand Miniatures is starting a new line… CB’s Imaginings!

What will be the theme of this new line?  We don’t know!

We are at the whim of the sculptor, C. Bradford Gorby, who has sculpted for Ral Partha, AEG Clan Wars, TAG Children of the Nile and other manufacturers.  We have no idea what miniatures he will send us next.

Therefore, in celebration of the first five miniatures we are releasing in this line, we are having a “Name the Miniatures” contest.

The rules are simple:  You may enter as many times as you like. Make sure you include the letter of the miniatures you are naming.  Names must be family friendly.  One name will be chosen for each miniature.  The deadline for entries is Midnight EST (UTC-5), January 17, 2016.

If multiple people enter the same name, a D20 will be dropped down a dice tower to determine the winner, high roll wins.  One winner per household.  Each winner receives a copy of all of the figures presented here, shipped free regardless of where they live in the World.

Please email your entries to: [email protected]

And without further ado, here are the first five miniatures in need of a name (larger individual pictures on our blog):

A - Steampunk Girl with Flechette gun
B – Steampunk Girl with Large Pistol
C – Woman with Crown, Knife and Lion
D – Kicking Girl with optional pony tails
E – Samurai Cowgirl with 2 katanas and sayas