Napoleonic pin-up playing cards.

More Polish delights arrive at Fighting 15s.

Fighting 15s now has in stock the fabulous Napoleonic pin-up girls playing cards illustrated by Polish artist Bartek Drejewicz.

Published by Polish lingerie store Intimo, this deck of playing cards features pin-up girls in Napoleonic uniforms. The deck is definitely themed as traditional pin-ups, not “glamour”, with bare midriffs and plunging necklines the limit of any risque exposure.

Each suite is themed as follows: Clubs - Austrians and Prussians; Diamonds - French; Hearts - Polish and Confederation of the Rhine; Spades - British, Russians and Spanish. All cards in the decks are illustrated in full colour, and the illustrations on the standard 52 cards are unique. Four identically illustrated jokers are also included. Illustrations are identical in the blue and red decks; the only difference is the colour of the backs of the cards.

The cards use continental notation for the court cards - K for king, D for queen (dame) and J for jack – which should cause minimal confusion if the decks are used, for example, to drive a game’s card-driven initiative system.

Decks are priced at £9.50 each including VAT, or £18.00 including VAT for a pair of different-backed decks.