15mm & 28mm Native American Structures
Sale of Masters, Molds & Production Rights

13 Buildings & Terrain Features
Numerous Silicone Rubber Molds
Full List upon request

$3,995.00 plus Shipping

A sampling of what is available –
AF301 28mm Huron Longhouse
AF302 28mm Iroquois Longhouse
AF303 28mm Iroquois Peaked Longhouse
AF307 28mm English Longhouse
AF317 28mm Sioux Tepee
AF320 28mm Beached Canoe Scene
AF321 28mm Sioux Tepee (smaller version)
AF336 28mm Bark Covered Wigwam
AF337 28mm Reed-Matte Covered Wigwam
AF340 28mm Bark and Reed-Matte Covered Wigwam
15AF1 15mm Iroquois Long House
15AF2 15mm Wigwam
15AF3 15mm Bark Covered Tepee