First up we've got some MDF fencing, in both regular and snakerail versions.  We've been doing some tests with resin fencing for some time now but at this scale it can be quite fragile, so while we continue with that we thought we'd release some MDF ones as well.  These packs contain 10 lengths of fence, each 80mm long and 7/8mm high, with the regular fencing coming with an integral base included as well.  We've included a shot of some ACW figures with them to give an indication of size.

Next up is some more craters for the 20th C. crowd.  The smaller ones released last month have proved extremely popular, so we've added these larger sizes as well, ranging from 40mm-55mm in width.  There's a pic of them with a tank to give an indication of size.

And finally we've got some broken stone walls!  We've already added irregular versions of our hedges, so it made sense to add some broken/breached stone walls to the range as well.  As with the other walls/hedges packs, there are 4 sections per pack (2 of each type) with each section being 80mm long.

Walls & Hedges
SCN-WLH16    4 x Stone wall broken sections, to make 320mm of walls.    £3.00

SCN-GEN2    Shell craters x 8, sizes range from 40mm-55mmm    £4.00

MDF Products
SCN-MDF1    Wooden fencing x 10 lengths   £3.00
SCN-MDF2    Snake rail fencing x 10 lengths   £3.00

And the pics:

SCN-WLH16 - Broken stone walls

SCN-GEN2 - Large shell craters

SCN-MDF1 - Wooden fencing

SCN-MDF2 - Snake rail fencing

And a shot of the craters with a British tank: