After starting Crom's Anvil earlier this year and having a couple of dozen of terrain/scenery items already released, I decided the world needs more 15mm character models for skirmish games!
(I sense a pattern emerging)

So to test the waters and see how these things go, I present the humble beginnings of the Heroes and Villains range, this initial offering has a distinct religious flavour about it.

The High Priestess 


Priest - Monk


All available to buy as single models, so there is no need to buy lots of various packs just to get a single figure from each.
(A problem I encountered when trying to source 15mm models for my own games)


I am also having Dave the sculptor take a crack at making some figures to fit in with the style of current other companies models, to fill gaps in their ranges. But copying another sculptors style is tricky at best, so this may not pan out, but woohoo if it does.

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