It's another bumper week for 15mm SF fans here at Brigade. As well as several more figure packs from the former Armies Army ranges, we have a couple of new 15mm tanks to go along with them.

First up is an upgunned variant of the Mercenary Shaman hovertank - fitted with an long barrel DS gun and upgraded sensors, this variant is known as the Shaman Firefly. One Firefly is generally allocated to each Shaman platoon to provide long-range heavy firepower.

The British forces have received three packs of infantry figures - a 10-man rifle squad plus sections of SAS and some lovely Royal Marine figures in exo-skeleton augmented hardsuits.

Neo-Soviet forces have been augmented by the Rosomakha light tank, plus an 8-man Spetsnaz special forces squad

SF15-160 – British Infantry Squad – £3.75
SF15-163 – SAS (x5) – £2.00
SF15-164 – Royal Marines in Hardsuits (x5) – £5.00
SF15-1204 - Rosomakha - £6.00
SF15-1263 – Spetsnaz (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1501a – Shaman Firefly – £8.00