Pontoonier Miniatures has released the beginning of a range to cover the Anglo-Goorkha war of 1814-1816. This minor border war with the British Raj saw the British faced with an enemy whose bravery and martial prowess matched their own and was the beginning of a relationship of mutual admiration that spanned centuries.

Sculpted by Paul Hicks, the first packs represent the Gurkha warriors who stymied British regulars on more than one occasion. With multiple command groups and packs of warriors armed with muskets and melee weapons (including but not limited to the ubiquitous Kukri), this range will allow you to properly represent the fighters of this tiny, Himalayan Kingdom.

This is the first in what will be multiple releases to cover this heretofore ignored but important conflict in the histories of Great Britain, India and Nepal.
Watch this space.

Pontoonier Miniatures are available from Badger Games