New 28mm English Civil War Cavalry.

We now have the first 8 packs of cavalry for the English Civil War.
Cavalry 3 figures and horses for £10

ECWC01a Buff Coat Lobster Pot, Swords. Walking
ECWC01b Buff Coat, Lobster Pot, Swords. Galloping
ECWC02a Armoured, Lobster Pot, Swords. Walking
ECWC02b Armoured, Lobster Pot, Swords. Galloping
ECWC03a Buff Coat, Lobster Pot, Pistols, Walking
ECWC03b Buff Coat, Lobster Pot, Pistols. Galloping
ECWC04a Armoured, Lobster Pot, Pistols. Walking
ECWC04b Armoured, Lobster Pot, Pistols. Galloping

All priced at £10 for 3.
Please see the website for more details.