Viscount Guy de Champinot said it best in his landmark treatise Races of the Known World: “Ogres are enigmatic creatures.” A thick-headed Ogre can be so stubborn as to refuse to move while the world falls apart around him or inexplicably decide to travel 1000 miles to raid unknown lands for food or sport.

Often solitary, Ogres can be found as “mercenaries” for all of the known races with no care for the motivation or ideology of their employers. On rare occasions, large groups of Ogres can band together, seemingly out of the blue for raids, attacks and invasions seeking plunder or just food (and anyone or anything qualifies). Whatever the reason, Ogres are formidable foes.

Most Ogres prefer the certainty of dry land. However, an adventurous few can be found shipboard in search of new lands to plunder and new things to eat. Most such Ogres fall quite naturally into piracy.

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