Great Escape Games: fantastic new 4Ground realistic trees

4Gound have released a delicious set of deciduous woodland trees that come ready to use out of the pack! These are not your usual toilet-brush model tree, but made for both realism and wargaming practicality. They are released on May 7th and available to order now from the Great Escape Games website.

There are 15 different tree sets available, and they may be purchased in bundles at a discount. Order HERE

(From the 4Ground website): each 4Ground Deciduous Woodlands pack comes with enough double sided pre-primed scenic tree basing for all of the trees in the pack. The individual trees are secured to their individual round bases that in turn neatly locate within their collective woodland base (woodland bases can have locations for up to five trees). This has two helpful advantages, allowing you to manoeuvre your troops through dense areas of woodland terrain, by easily lifting trees out of the way of oncoming troops and replacing them where they were before the troops were placed. The second advantage is that the edges of these woodland bases allow you to easily see where the boundary of your woods begins and ends (for larger wooded areas butt woodland bases up together).

4Ground Deciduous Woodlands has within it an extensive range of mature and young trees. From this range gamers will easily find suitable representation for trees in 10mm scale, 15mm scale and 28mm scale. From a single mature oak to an orchard of five young fruit trees, 4Ground’s new range of Deciduous Woodlands allows you to bring your battlefield to life with high quality trees worthy of your battlefield.