Way back in the mists of time (April), we released two new 15mm vehicles – the Eisenfaust (Iron Fist) laser tank
and the Kastenwagen (box van) platoon APC. These have now both been translated down to 6mm, and are available on
the website today.

SF300-311 – Henschel Pz266 ‘Eisenfaust’ Laser Tank – £1.25
SF300-312 – Henschel Pz441 ‘Kastenwagen’ Platoon APC – £1.25

And since we're on the subject of 6mm, we're attending the Joy of Six show in Sheffield in a couple of weeks' time.

Since Jo6 is a 6mm-themed show, we will only be bringing our 6mm SF range, plus Squadron Commander (as this is also 6mm scale) and the 2mm Small Scale Scenery range (since we know that at least one game at the show will be using our buildings alongside 6mm figures). We should have a good stock of both packs and individual models for those ranges, including 6mm vehicles,  figures and buildings and SCR starter packs, blisters and individual models. We’ll also have Osprey’s new Horizon Wars rules and Legionnaire Games’ Strike Legion books.

We can also bring orders for any of our other ranges, but will need to know in advance. Because Tony will be going on a family holiday before the show, we need any more pre-orders for collection at the show by the end of Monday next week at the latest (July 4th) so that he has time to process them before we leave – so you only have three more days to get them to us.

And most exciting of all, we’re hoping to have something completely new that only arrived this week, and which Phil will be hopefully be putting into moulds while Tony is away. But that’s all we're saying about that, just in case…