With the success of our 10mm Pendraken zoo, we thought we'd expand into some bigger scales!

We've taken the original 9 codes we'd done in 10mm and asked Phil to make us versions in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. The 28mm's are on the smaller side so would be fine for use with 25mm figures as well. Packs all contain 10 pieces, except the 20mm & 28mm cows which come in 5's instead. These are a quick and easy way of adding some extra scenery to your tables, or even as Fantasy armies for the more imaginative!

10-NML1 Cows x10 £2.00
10-NML2 Sheep x10 £2.00
10-NML3 Goats x10 £2.00
10-NML4 Pigs x10 £2.00
10-NML5 Dogs x10 £2.00
10-NML6 Cats x10 £1.50
10-NML7 Chickens x10 £1.50
10-NML8 Geese x10 £1.50
10-NML9 Rabbits x10 £1.50

15-NML1 Cows x10 £4.00
15-NML2 Sheep x10 £3.00
15-NML3 Goats x10 £3.00
15-NML4 Pigs x10 £3.00
15-NML5 Dogs x10 £3.00
15-NML6 Cats x10 £1.75
15-NML7 Chickens x10 £1.75
15-NML8 Geese x10 £1.75
15-NML9 Rabbits x10 £1.75

20-NML1 Cows x5 £5.00
20-NML2 Sheep x10 £4.00
20-NML3 Goats x10 £4.00
20-NML4 Pigs x10 £4.00
20-NML5 Dogs x10 £3.00
20-NML6 Cats x10 £2.00
20-NML7 Chickens x10 £2.00
20-NML8 Geese x10 £2.00
20-NML9 Rabbits x10 £2.00

28-NML1 Cows x5 £6.00
28-NML2 Sheep x10 £5.00
28-NML3 Goats x10 £5.00
28-NML4 Pigs x10 £5.00
28-NML5 Dogs x10 £3.00
28-NML6 Cats x10 £2.00
28-NML7 Chickens x10 £2.00
28-NML8 Geese x10 £2.00
28-NML9 Rabbits x10 £2.00

We hope you like them!