I am very pleased to announce that the figures I have been teasing you with are now ready to pre-order!
Praise Be To Apis!

We have the civilians of Middle Period Simurgh.
We have a wealthy lady,  a lady of the night, Ahmed the messenger to the Shrine of Apis, and other wonderful characters!

Now that the Middle Period of Simurgh is well established, a new ruler has assumed control of the town.
The Hatun Yasmina:

It is in fact her wearing of the Caspian neck collar that has spawned the women of Simurgh to follow suit.
Though of course they are sensible enough not wear a collar that is bigger than the Hatun's.

The new releases are not all about decadent civilisation though.

Yel Ata, nomad of the Open Steppe makes his appearance.

Hailing from the unknown East, we know little of this man or what part he is yet to play in our Chronicles.
One thing is for certain though, he is not going to be dinner for wolf!

These are all available to pre-order.
Once stock is here, the pre-orders will start shipping, this is hoped to be around the 11th of November!