Well you all certainly all liked the discounting of the 2nd hand books, Rules & Figures on our website, so we’ve cut them even more… and now here’s this week’s list of goodies

GHOST DIVISION : Race for the Channel 1940

86p large format full colour pbk. 6 scenarios and a complete Fall of France campaign system. For Panzer Korps but adaptable for any non skirmish set of WII rules. Join Rommel in leading his 7th Panzer or face the blitzkrieg as DeGaul. Includes scenarios for: Flavion, Stonne, Le Cateau, Hannut, Gembloux, Arras & Drive of Hoth's XVth Panzer Corps Campaign. £28.50

North Africa: Mid-war Forces

New Flames of War combined sourcebook with Free card Airborne card deck for all pre-orders only.

North Africa Mid-War Forces is a 264 page hardback book that contains Army lists for German, Italian, British, and American forces in the Western Desert and Mediterranean, including Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry, and Airborne forces, as well as specialist forces like British Commandos and American Rangers. £27.50

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 410 - WITH Free EPIC NAPOLEONIC INFANTRY SPRUE- Sorry, having the sprue ups the cost of post & packaging. . £5.95

Franco-Prussian War 1870-71

Osprey latest ESSENTIAL HISTORY series Shipping now. Updated and revised, with full-colour maps and new images throughout, this is a concise study of the largest and most important war fought in Europe between the age of Napoleon and the First World War, . £10.99

Viking Siege of Paris LONGSHIPS RAID THE SEINE, AD 885-86

Osprey RAID 56 Shipping now. This fully illustrated volume, is accompanied by maps and strategic diagrams£13.50

Vietnam War 1956-75

Osprey ESSENTIAL HISTORY Shipping now. Updated and revised, with full-colour maps and new images throughout,Only £10.99

H29751 WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 410 / - WITHOUT cover ripping plastic sprue £4.95

As always we have a whole bunch of 2nd hand and shop soiled stock newly available, and te last few listings from Duncan's Collection. Just contact us if you want anything below!

52771 PANZER IV F/G/H Bolt Action 28mm kit / - New un-opened but in campaign weary box £15.00

52772 FROSTGRAVE GNOLLS-28mm plastic / - new but in campaign weary box (Under GENERAL 2nd hand section) £17.50

52773 Second Barons' War: Simon De Montfort and the Battles of Lewes and Evesham / Sadler, John. Hd.back. 160 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. Cond. new. £12.50

52774 Swords of the Viking Age / Peirce, Ian P.back . 152 pages. Full colour & bl. & wh. illustr.Cond. new. £13.50

52775 Thermopylae 480 B.C. The Most Unequal Battle in History / Giannopoulos, Fronimidis & M. Ginala. P.back . 100 pages. V well illus inc colour Cond. new. £11.50

52776 VAREY, 7 août 1325 / Gaillard & Tardy. P.back . 95 pages. FRENCH version.Full colour illustr. throughout. Cond. new. £35.00

52777 Pieter Snayers: Battle Painter 1592-1667 / Sennewald, Roland P.back . Mint. Still in unopened shrink wrap. large format SUperbadition to any collection £35

52778 Regicide or Revolution?: What Petitioners Wanted, September 1648 - February 1649 / Carlin, Norah. P.back . 348 pages. Cond. new. £13.95

52780 Resilience of a Nation. A History of the Military in Rwanda / Rusagara, Frank K. P.back . 221 pages.Bl. & wh. photographs. Cond. new. £29.25

52781 African American Officers in Liberia: A Pestiferous Rotation, 1910–1942 / Shellum, Brian G. P.back . 271 pages. Bl.& wh. illustrations. Cond. new. £9.50

52783 Sensory History of Ancient Warfare: Reconstructing the Physical Experience of War in the Classical World / Whateley, Conor Hd.back. 157 pages.Illustr.in colour Near Mint £16.50

52783 Play the naval battle of Tsushima 1905: (Paper Battles & Dioramas) / - near mint pbk Cut out ships, orbats and rules to play the game (Under C20th general on catalogue) £15.00

52784 Northern Tars in Southern Waters: The Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean, 1806-1810 (Reason to Revolution) / Bronevskiy, Vladimir Bogdanovich P.back . 684 pages. Some bl. & wh. illustr. Cond. new. Mint. £19.75

52785 Aspern & Wagram 1809: Mighty Clash of Empires (Praeger Illustrated Military History) / Castle, Ian. Hd.back. 96 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. Mint.- Hardback version of the Osprey campaign £19.50

52786 Lucullus: The Life and and Campaigns of a Roman Conqueror: / Fratantuono, Lee. Hd.back. 188 pages.Illustr.in colour. Cond. new. £10.50

52787 Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World / Sabin, Philip Hd.back. 298 pages. Some colour campaign maps. Cond. new. £12.95

52788 Never Greater Slaughter: Brunanburh and the Birth of England / Livingston, Michael. Hd.back. 224 pages.Illustr.in colour and bl. and wh. Cond.new. £11.50

52789 Military History of Late Rome 425-457 / Syvanne, Ilkka. Hd.back. 180 pages.Illustr.in colour and bl. and wh. Cond. new. £16.50

52790 Corporal Brown's Campaigns in the Low Countries: Recollections of a Coldstream Guard in the Early Campaigns Against Revolutionary France 1793-1795 (Eyewitness to War) / Brown, Robert P.back . 182 pages. Cond. new. £8.50

52791 Napoleonic Wars as Illustrated by J.J. Jenkins / Jenkins, J.J. large format Hd.back.Publ.1990.168 p .Illustr .in colour. Cond. new. £14.50

52792 Chasseurs a Cheval of Napoleon's Guard / Mas, Miguel Angel Martin P.back . 72 pages. Full colour illustr. throughout.Cond. new. £35.00

52793 Cavalry Outpost Duties: Souvenirs (Soldiers of the Past) / de Brack, Antoine Fortune large format .back . 334 pages. Fully illustr. in colour and bl.& wh. throughout. Cond. like new. Minor creasing to back cover. £22.00

52794 Other Norfolk Admirals: Myngs, Narbrough and Shovell (Century of the Soldier) / Harris, Simon. Hd.back. 275pages.Illustr.in colour. Cond. new. Mint. £5.00

52795 Naval Battle of Salamis- : The Wooden Walls That Saved Greece / Papademetriou, Konstantinos,Koufogiorgos, Ge P.back . 96 pages. Bl. & wh. & Colour illustr. Cond. new. £13.94

52796 Romans. Clothing From The Roman Era In Northwest Europe. / Verstraaten, Stef and Oorthuys, Jasper large format P.back . 184 pages. Near mint exceptionally well illus £37.50

52797 Roman Legions (Europa Militaria) / Peterson, Daniel P.back . 96 pages. Full colour illustrations throughout. Cond. new. £6.50

52798 Roman Soldier: Daily Life , Fighting Tactics , Weapons , Equipment, Kit (Operations Manual) / Forty, Simon. large format hbk Hd.back. 156 pages.Illustr.in full colour throughout. Cond. new. £7.50

52799 NEW HISTORY OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR 2) The Year of Miracles 1758-69 / DIgby SMith 300p. illus.. Mint but bump to foredge corner £25.00

52800 BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER: ACW SMALL ACTION RULES / - Inc F-I wars etc. large format near mint pbk £15.00

52801 UTTOXETER IN THE ENGLISH CIVILWAR / Cooper, D 108p. large format illus pbk near mint £15.00

52802 EUROPEAN ARMIES 1789-1803 / Sapherson 52p, near mint pbk. INteresting lists of regiments by Nation £3.50

52803 HISTORICAL MEDIEVAL BATTLES 732AD - 1485 / Sides 40 scenarios plus maps and orbats in WRG style. pbk (New copies Plus the 2 ANcient editions available on our website) £5.00

52804 ROMAN-JUDAEO WAR AD66-74: A military analysis / Bloom 135p. Coll ill. Background; tactics; orbats etc large format near fine pbk £21.50

52805 Carthaginian Citizen Infantry - 24 Figure Set - 28mm Plastic Miniatures / - new no header card £13.25

52806 NAPOLEON`S SYSTEM OF WAR / Camon Gen H 86p pbk Large format maps. Concise analysis of Napoleon`s Manoeuvre and Battle system £20.00

52807 WARBURG & EMSDORFF / Pearse, Cpt H 16p. near mint. reprints from THE CAVALRY JOURNAL on cavalry in these actions £3.00

52808 STAFF OFFICERS SCRAP BOOK DURING THE RUSSO JAPANESE WAR 2) / Hamilton, Gen 390p. 1907 printing. Very good condition for age. Inc pulll out maps. plans etc. VOLUME 2 only August 1904 onwards £25.00

52809 Les Uniformes Du Premier Empire; Etat-major et Service De Sante / Bucquoy, Cdt large format mat Hd.back. 134 pages. French text. Illustr.in full colour. Near fine £65.00

52810 Zulu Battle Piece: Islandhlwana / Coupland, Sir Regenald. Hd.back. 144 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. new. £7.50

52811 British Web Equipment Of The Two World Wars (Europa Militaria) / Brayley, Martin J. P.back . 64 pages. Illustr. in colour. near fine £6.50

52813 1809 Thunder on the Danube: Fall of Vienna and the Battle of Aspern v. 2: Napoleon's Defeat of the Habsburgs / Gill, John H. Hd.back. 448 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh.Cond. new. £45.00

52814 Wagram: At the Heyday of the Empire (Great Battles of the First Empire) / Hourtoulle, F.G. Large format Hd.back. 120 pages.Illustr.in very detailed colour uniform plates. Cond.new. £69.50

52815 Uniforms of 1798-1803 (Irish Rebellion) / Thompson, F.Glenn. large format P.back . 63 pages. Excellent uniform illustr. in colour throughout. Cond. very good externally.Minor surface marks. Internally near mint. £15.00

52816 BLITZKRIEG 1939-41 : Early war Scenarios for wargamers / - God condition Full colour large format. Seven campaigns covered PLUS pre-war conflcts such as the Spanish Civil war INCLUDES a fast play set of WWII rules. £9.50

52817 Fontenoy and Great Britain's Share in the War of the Austrian Succession, 1741-1748 / SKrine near mint pbk reprint £10.00

52818 From Eylau To Friedland 1807 (Great Battles of the First Empire) / Hourtoulle Scarce. near mint hardback. v well illus in colour £65.00

52819 ST-JEAN-D'ACRE LE MONT -THABOR mars-mai 1799 -Les Batailles Oubliees. Le fin du reve oriental de Bonaparte. / Delaitre & Vincent. P.back . 112 pages. Illustr. in col. & Bl. & wh. French text. Cond. new. £25.00

52820 Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2: The Ottoman Empire, Eastern Europe and the Near East, 1300-1500 / Heath near fine WRG book £47.50

52821 Marlborough’s Other Army: The British Army and the Campaigns of the First Peninsula War, 1702–1712: 43 (Century of the Soldier) / Dorrell, Nicholas. P.back . 190 pages. Illustr. in col. & bl. & wh. Cond. new. £7.50

52821 Men of the grande armée in the artwork of C.L.Bombled (1862-1927) / - near mint 80 pages 65 full colour plates £9.95

52822 King George’s Hangman: Henry Hawley and the Battle of Falkirk, 1746 (Reason to Revolution) / Oates, Jonathan D. Hd.back. 210 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. Cond. new. £19.00

52823 From Solebay to the Texel: The Third Anglo-Dutch War, 1672-1674: 30 (Century of the Soldier) / Barry, Quintin P.back . 128 pages. Colour & bl. & wh. illustrations. Cond. new. £5.00

52824 Diamond T 4 Ton Truck Walk Around-Op/HS / Doyle, David P.back . 80 pages. Full colour illustrations throughout. Cond. new. £24.00

52825 Defeating the Panzer-Stuka Menace: British Spigot Weapons of the Second World War / Lister, David. Hd.back.Publ.249 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. Cond. new. £9.50

52827 Play the naval battle of Lepanto 1571:(Paper Battles & Dioramas) / - near mint full colour. Orbats, & Rules for playing te wargame £15.00

52829 Military Flags of the World: 1618-1900 / Terence Wise, Guido Rosignoli near fine pbk 392 colour flags £4.50

52830 TANKS 02: SHERMAN 15mm plastic kit / - Mint in slightly damaged packaging £3.25

52831 TEAM YANKEE HARRIER CLOSE SUPPORT FLIGHT TBBX15 / - 2 aircraft . Complete but damaged box £12.50

52832 Too Little, Too Late: The Campaign in West and South Germany, June-July 1866 / Embree, Michael. Hd.back. 260 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. Cond. new. £13.95

52833 MEMOIRS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION :-1 Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willet 2:-The Narrative of Major Abraham Leggett / Leggett, Abraham. P.back . 72 pages. Facsimile reprint. near new. new. £15.00

52834 GLOUCESTER AND NEWBURY 1643 / Day 240p. near mint Hbk £14.50

52835 LACE WARS SCENARIOS 1 + 2 / - Between them cover 1658-1707 in 30+ scenarios plus colour wargames flags in various scales. plus army lists for the Lace Wars rules VGC (4 in series on main website) £19.50