Plenty of stuff this week, including a few reprints of some old favourites along with figures from Victrix and the latest Wargames Illustrated.

LINE OF BATTLE NAVAL RULES: FIRE AS SHE BEARS SCENARIO BOOK 1-First of a series of scenario books for the Age of Nelson. Each scenario includes background, forces involved, scenario map, and key elements. Although these scenarios can be used for any system with any scale and no rebasing needed, this was designed for use with Line of Battle Naval Fleet system. Includes complete campaign integration rules for Corps Command IV. Scenarios include: Camperdown, Trafalgar, Cape St. Vincent, Cape Finisterre, and The Nile. £26.50

GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS: Sweden and the Thirty Years War, 1630 1632/By Dr Lars Ericson Wolke. 230p. Mint HBk. Military biography & Campaign guide. Lars Ericson Wolke, one of the leading experts on the military history of the Baltic and the Thirty Years War, offers a fascinating insight into Gustavus the man and the soldier. £22.50


Plastic Soldier Company. Now in paperback. . £18.50

Victrix - Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma.- This set includes 6 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 scale tanks and a decal sheet.  £21.00

BEYOND ON THE EMPIRE: Skimish Gaming in the Back of Beyond:-CAMPAIGN & SOLO PLAY PACK-Swann, Chris. Solo rules; Mini campaign with three Scenarios; QRF Sheets and copies of the cards to save you cutting up your copy £4.25

A CUCARACHA: Mexican Revolution Skirmish Rules - Campaign & Solo Play Pack-Swann, Chris. Solo play rules; Mini campaign with three Scenarios; QRF Sheets and copies of the cards to save you cutting up your copy £4.25

LUCK WAS LACKING, BUT VALOR WAS NOT: The Italian Army in North Africa, 1940-1943/Massimiliano Afiero. Mint hardback. 328p : 199 photos, 16pp colour plates, 5 maps. 'Luck Was Lacking, But Valour Was Not' is the first English-language work to address in a systematic way the contributions of the Italian army to the North African campaign and challenges the conventional wisdom that the German Afrika Korps was the pre-eminent Axis force in the desert.£39.50

COLONIAL IRONSIDES: English Expeditions under the Commonwealth and Protectorate/Riley. Mint pbk 386 pages 57 b/w ills, 33 maps. No other modern books describe the full extent of this period of conflict, although there are books which detail several of the campaigns. This decade of early expeditionary warfare marked a change in English foreign policy from raiding the colonies of others, chiefly Spain, to becoming an imperial power. £29.50

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 411-Quick Fire!, Observation Post, Release Radar, Full Paper Jacket, Theme: Beasts Of War!, The Army Painter Speedpaints, Theme: Into The Woods We Go, Drink Thy Blood. Thy Thirst Will Pass … The Combat Of The Thirty, Theme: Camels, Beasts Of Burden, Or Chips Of The Desert, Never Mind The Billhooks - The Shed Battles, Theme: Chasseurs Del Rey - Cuban War Dogs, Dreyse Of Thunder, Theme: Painting Pachyderms 90 And Rethinking Sengoku Jidai Army Organisation£5.50


VXDA005 28mm Hard Plastic. A 12 figure set with 2 x frames of 6 riders and 3 x frames of 4 horses.  Post Free Worldwide, Pre Order Price.   (Credit cards only - postage will be manually adjusted when charged)£25.00

ON THE BORDERLANDS OF GREAT EMPIRES Transylvanian Armies 1541-1613/Dr Florin Nicolae Ardelean. 122 pages 19 b/w ills, 8 colour plates, 5 maps, 1 table. This book follows the efforts of the Transylvanian rulers to organize and to defend their new state, during its first seven decades of existence (1541-1613). £15.00

ITALIAN WARS VOLUME 3) Francis I and the Battle of Pavia 1525

Vincenzo Alberici, Massimo Predonzani. mint pbk. 130p 20 b/w ills, 9 maps, 8 pages colour plates. In this third volume of the series, the events that led to the decisive battle of Pavia, from the Peace of Noyon in 1516 to the fateful day are examined. The phases of the battle have been reconstructed and described in detail, comparing the many and varied accounts, whilst the site of the battle is examined for evidence of the fighting. The armies and troops that fought at the battle are also examined in detail, as are their leaders. £17.50

Close Fire and European Order: Wargames Rules 1700-1720

MacDowall, Simon. Brigade Level rules for any size of figure. Utilises the highly popular Disorder Point system for fast play. £15.00

TREE OF BATTLES: Rules for European Warfare 1300-1500

Macdowall, S Any scale of figures. Utilises a chain of Command and Command Point system for Fog of War £15.00


McDowall, Simon Large format colour pbk. Any size of figures, covers 1600-1700. Brigade Level rules for any size of figure. Utilises the highly popular Disorder Point system for fast play £15.00

H29856 FISH: Food & Cookery in ELIZABETHAN & STUART ENGLAND 61) / - Contemporary usage of, and recipes for, Fresh and Salt Water Fish and Shellfish £9.50

H29857 POTTAGE & SOUSE: Food & Cookery in ELIZABETHAN & STUART ENGLAND 58 / - Recipes for Pottage, Broths and Pickled meats £9.50

H29858 MAMMALS: Food & Cookery in ELIZABETHAN & STUART ENGLAND 59 / - Recipes & Usage £9.50

H29859 BIRDS: Food & Cookery in ELIZABETHAN & STUART ENGLAND 60) / - Various chicken recipes plus game and wild birds. English and some European recipes £9.50

H29860 WHO WON WATERLOO? The trial of Captain Siborne / - 310p. Near mint HBK ALL colour maps and a wealth of photos from the Siborne diorama. A very detailed look at the battle. 1 only £60.00

H29861 COMPANY COMMANDER- Company & Squadron level skirmish rules 1765-1850 / - glossy set of large format rules. Easily usable for skirmishes, raids, escorts, etc. 1765-1850 SPECIAL OFFER £10.00

H29862 DE LA FORCE PUBLIQUE A L'ARMEE NATIONALE CONGOLAISE: Histoire d'une mutinerie Juillet 1960 / Vanderstraeten, L-F 603p. nar fine Pbk illus with photos. FRENCH TEXT. Belgian Royal Academy study 1 only £75.00

H29864 WAR IN THE SUDAN 1884-1898 : A Campaign Guide / Asquith, Stuart Asquith, Stuart 120p. v well ill inc colour plates. Just reprinted The background and the battles .Plus Bob Marrion plates and uniform details plus scenarios £19.50

H29874 ZULU KINGDOM AND THE BOER INVASION OF 1837-1840 John Laband / Laband 276p 20 b/w ills, 5 b/w photos, 14 colour ills, 4 colour photos, 13 maps £19.95

H29877 TREATISE ON THE DUTY OF INFANTRY OFFICERS & THE PRESENT BRITISH MILITARY DISCIPLINE 1806 / Reide, T 296p. ORIGINAL 1806 (2nd ) Edition, owner's mark - Lt Col Gordon 1813 +Full leather binding, Age worn a sound copy £195.00


H29883 SUDDEN STORM: JAPAN Vs USA 1937 / - What if Campaign of the 1937 China Incident DECISION AT SEA sea, Campaign scenario book useful for any Naval wargames rules BACK IN PRINT £39.50

H29884 GENERAL QUARTERS: North Sea Campaign (Loose Leaf) - Back in print / - Suitable for all Naval rules. This campaign game, focusing on the early war, offers players a chance to fight out a series of actions that helped shape the campaign, and that offered the possibility of a major fleet action. Players will face both strategic and tactical decisions with the fog of war (sometimes literally on the North Sea) may confer advantages or devastating disadvantages. £16.50

As always we have a whole bunch of 2nd hand and shop soiled stock newly available.

52922 Other Side of the Mountain: Mujahideen Tactics in the Soviet-Afghan Wa / Jalali & Grau near fine pbk. 260+ p. 70+ actions plus col maps for most of the same SUPERB SCENARIO MATERIAL Counter-ambushes Urban Encirclement Plus soviet accounts of many of the actions above by officers who took part. Best maps of all the available reprints £19.50

52923 IMPACT OF THE RIFLED MUSKET IN THE CIVIL WAR / Nepveu 70p. near mint pbk £6.50

52924 French Army in America & The Musketry Drill of 1755 / Hamilton 108p. Good condition pbk. V well illus inc the full drill £15.00

52925 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SERVICE AND MANEUVERS OF LIGHT INFANTRY 1804 / Guyard, Colonel large format near mint pbk 28p. English Translation of this French Napoleonic manual £16.50

52926 FIELD OF GLORY 2nd EDITION ANcient/ Medieval rules / - near fine Hardback £11.50

52927 WOLFENBUTTEL WAR : FOUR TABLE TOP TEASERS / - Near fine pbk. Grant C18th Mini campaign series, , loosely based on the Waterloo Campaign, usefull for any periods really £14.50

52928 GREAT EASTERN BATTLES: FIRE & FURY / - near mint large format pbk. - large format pbk. ,Scenarios and maps. Perfect for the original edition AND Brigade Fire & Fury £16.00

52929 THE FRENCH AND PRUSIAN ARMIES AT WAR 1805-1806 / Digby SMith Near fine HBK. Digby Smith Mint hbk. 208p. Inc Colour16 plates of maps and illustrations. Detailed revisionist study of the Prussian Army in the campaign Inc Orbats; Command and Control etc plus the composition of the French army at the time £20.00

52930 WIth the Die-Hards in Siberia: the Middlesex Regiment Against the Bolsheviks 1918-19 / Ward, Colonel original 1920 hardback. near fine but ex-college library £19.50

52931 NAPOLEON's GUARD 1) : Osprey MAA 153 / - near mint pbk £1.00

52932 THE LONG ENDURE: American Civil War rules / SUtherland, Jon, Gross , Nigel & Hall, T 6mm-28mm figures. near fine pbk £4.75

52933 ENGLISH CIVIL WAR TIMES MAGAZINE 59 / - near fine A4 magazine. Inc full colour wargames Cavalry cornets in 10mm, 15mm and 25mm : Dunkirk : John Hampdens regiment Battle of Wakefield £1.95

52934 SPANISH CAMPAIGN IN MOROCCO 1859-60 / Hardman 180p. large format near mint Pbk £13.00

52935 God's Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland / Siochru excellent revisionist history of the campaign. near fine pbk £2.50

52936 ORIGINS OF THE NIGERIAN ARMY : A history of the West African Frontier Force 1897-1914 / Ukpabi 180p. pbk. GC only fading to spine £50.00

52937 MILITARY CUSTOMS - 5th edition / Edwards, Major, and Kipling (ed) 260p. illus. GC HBK. intriguing detail on the background to British regimental ceremonies, nicknames, traditions, badges and insignia, flags etc. £5.00

52938 EAGLES OVER THE ALPS: Suvorov in Italy & Switzerland 1799 / Duffy, Christopher Large format near fine Hradback. well illus £39.50

52939 DRAPEAUX ET ETENDARDS DE LA REVOLUTION ET DE L'EMPIRE / Charre 240p. large format hbk. VGC FRENCH TEXT. v wel illus in Colour. Napoleonic Flags £65.00