We have recently purchased a large collection of painted Minifigs S Rang; Les Higgins; Hinton Hunt etc etc. We shall be very slowly putting them on the 2nd hand section of the Minifigs website.

And a lot of books and rules of course

Siege of Loyalty House: A new history of the English Civil War

Jessie Childs. Hardback 360p. Excellent study of the sieges of Basing House. In particular the run up to War in London and the background to the leading Rawdon Officers. . £21.50

H30114 Soldati D'africa. Storia Del Colonialismo Italiano E Delle Uniformi Per Le Truppe D'africa Del Regio Esercito. Vol. 5: 1940-1943 / Cetellani Large format near fine Hardnack. v well ill in colour plates and photos of uniforms& equipment ITALIAN TEXT 1 only £115.00

H30117 MINIATURE WARFARE MAGAZINE- issue 1-12 in binder / Tunstill Classic rare wargaming magazine from 1968 1 only of course - SOLD

H30119 NAPOLEON'S ARMY / Rousselot 370p. large format hardback colour on every page near fine 1 only £165.00

H30120 GAME OF WAR / Debord, Guy, and Becker-Ho New paperback in slipcase with unpunched counters and boards. First English translation of this very rare and intriguing game. Fascinating background that is worth a quick google £175.00

All titles below can be found in our 2nd hand section of the site

53148 BUCKLE TO YOUR DUST: Miniature rules for Vietnam / McCauley large format near fine pbk. Any scale of figures, Inc 2 sets of quickfire rules by Paddy Griffiths and Andy Callan. Author served was an officer in teh BRitish army £20.00

53149 KING'S AFRICAN RIFLES. A Study in the Military History of East and Central Africa, 1890-1945 / Moyse-Bartlett 2 volume near fine pbk maps 800pages £27.50

53150 Battles of Antiochus the Great: The failure of combined arms at Magnesia that handed the world to Rome / Wrightson 200p. near mint HBK £14.50

53151 ENSIGN 2: DIDO CLASS DESTROYERS / Raven & Lenton VGC PBK. V well illus inc pull out colour cammo pages £6.50

53152 EVOLUTIONARY WAR: MINIATURE GAMING IN AN AGE IN WHICH WAR HAD RULES / Kubik large format illus near mint pbk. 10-28mm scale. Seven Years war European and some of the larger actions of the French Indian war. Also useful for the battle in India. Quite a different set of rules in which the emphasis is on manouevre and command & control. £9.50

53153 AUSTRIAN INFANTRY & ENGINEERS OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT. / Summerfield 200p. near fine v well illus in colour 2011 edn £23.50

53154 Russian Campaign of 1914: The Beginning of the War and Operations in East Prussia / Golovine, General 4102p. colour maps. near mint pbk facsimile. Classic account of Tanneburg campaign by a Russian commander £15.00

53155 Sea of Glory: Naval History of the American Revolution / Miller 540p. Near mint HBK £35.00

53156 Ghana Army: A Concise Contemporary Guide to its Centennial Regimental History 1897-1999 / Aboagye, Lt Col 420p. good condition pbk illus £7.50

53157 War of the Austrian Succession / Browning near fine HB420p £32.50

53158 YORKTOWN 1781 : / Morrissey Near mint Osprey campaign HARDBACK edition £6.50

53159 Histoire militaire du Congo - Explorations, expéditions, opérations de guerre, combats et faits militaires (French Edition) / Le-jeune Original 1906 edition FRENCH TEXT Rebound in marble boards. Illus, photos, Tactical Maps etc. £35.00

53160 OSPREY VANGUARD 11: US 2ND ARMORED DIVISION 1940-45 / - VGC pbk. £19.50

53161 GREAT NORTHERN WAR 1700 - 1721 - Volume 1 SWEDISH Colours and Uniforms / Lars-Eric Hoglund and Ake Sallnas large format pbk. all colour illus Flags & uniforms. MINT BUT damage to spine £42.50

53162 Major-general Sir John Digby: Peerlesse Champion and Mirrour of Perfect Chivalrie / - 40p. near fine but covers loose pamphlet biog of the Royalist Cavalry commander £8.50

53163 ZVEZDA IMPERIAL (AUSTRIAN) MUSKETEERS & PIKEMEN / - 1/72 45 plastic figure/ Mint but tatty box £8.00

53164 ZVEZDA JANISSARIES / - 1/72 43 figures. mint but tatty box £10.00

53165 HAT INDUSTRY: GERMAN PAK 36 ANT-TANK GUN / - MInt but tatty box £3.75

53166 Charlie Wesencraft's Seven Steps to Freedom Wargaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence / - near fine pbk. Background, scenarios and rules £11.50

53167 RAPID FORCES / - 50p. Large format pbk BELGIUM BRITAIN+ COMMONWEALTH; FRANCE; FINLAND & GERMANY countries covered. Detailed army organisations 1939-45 for use with any WWII rules £8.50

53168 Model Soldiers (Airfix magazine guide 19) / Windrow & Embleton near fine Hardback. v well illus £3.00

53169 World War 2 Wargaming- Airfix guide / QUARRIE near mint Hardback £0.00

53170 HOLLAND PARAAT! 1: EQUIPMENT OF THE DUTCH FIELD ARMY IN MOBILISATION AND DEPLOYMENT 1939-1940 / - large format Near Mint All illus pbk. Photos Plus colour plates Dutch/English captions £29.50

53171 Italian Artillery of WWII / Finazzer & Riccio 160p. large format near mint very well illus pbk £59.50

53172 Strategy & Tactics Magazine # 43 The American Civil War / - unpunched mint counters & maps in Good condition magazine £15.00

53173 Tank Tactics 1939-1945 (The Mechanics of War) / Macksey 70p. near fine hardback. v well illus. ALmark £3.95

53174 UNIT ORGANIZATIONS OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR / Zummerman 70p. Internally fine but cover good condition only £15.00

53175 CONTEMPTIBLE LILLTE ARMUES: Fast play 1910-1922 rules for all scales / Peers, chris Large format near fine pbk. original HLBSC printing £9.50

53176 LA DEFENSE FRANCAISE : Rules for the Franco Prussian War / - Large format pbk, 70p Wargames Foundry publication £19.50

53177 THEY DIED FOR GLORY : Franco-Prussian War rules / - Original 8 page edition £8.50

53178 RAPID FIRE: UNIT ORGANISATIONS FOR THE NORTH AFRICAN CAMPAIGN 1941 / Rumford, Colin 28p. large format pbk. 1st edition £8.50

53179 SETTING UP A WARGAMES CAMPAIGN / Bath VGC pbk. WRG 1973 edition £16.50

53180 War Game Campaigns / Featherstone, Donald original 1970 hardback that w all remember/. Ex-library but very good condition £22.50

53181 Invasion of England, 1940: The Planning of Operation Sealion / Schenk 370p. near fine hbk. detailed logistics, fleet details and orbats £16.50

53182 CWP130 BRITISH PAINT SET: Flames of War / - 8 paints plus extra large Chieftain Green. MInt in box £9.50

53183 WASHINGTON'S WARS / - VGC lkarge format pbk. Rules for the French Indian & AWI. Inc. Orbats, scenarios & painting guides. Popular set of US wargame rules £8.50

53184 BRITISH GRENADIER- 1st edition / Eclaireur VGC pbk. General de Brigade style system £12.50

53185 Napoleonic Army Handbook: Vol 1: Vol 2 / Oliver, Michael & Partridge, Richard Hd.back.Publ.1988. 354 pages. Cond. very good. Very light surface wear only.An excellent copy. £59.99

53186 Redcoats and Zulus: Myths, Legends & Explanations of the Anglo-zulu War 1879: Selected essays from The Journal of the Anglo Zulu War Historical Society / Greaves, Dr Adrian Hd.back.Publ.2004.224 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Read once. £7.25

53187 Yorktown: American War of Independence (Great Battles) / Kemp, Alan Hd.back.Publ.1976. 48 pages.Illustr.in full colour and bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £2.00

53188 Fighting Machines of World War II / White, B.T. Hd.back.Publ.1984.127 pages.Illustr.in full colour. Cond. very good. £2.00

53189 Nile Campaign: Nelson and Napoleon in Egypt / Lloyd, Christopher Hd.back.Publ.1973.120 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. good. £5.35

53190 CIVIL WAR IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY / Rampp, Lary & Donald 210p. VGC hardback £30.00

53191 Fire And Stone: The Science of Fortress Warfare 1660-1860 / Duffy, Christopher. Hd.back.Publ.2006.207 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. very good. Almost like new. Very light shelf edge wear. £60.00

53192 Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World: British A.F.V.'s, 1919-40 v. 2 / Crow, Duncan Hd.back.Publ.1970.176 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh. throughout. Cond. good. Dust cover ripped. £35.00

53193 Winter Soldiers: Sergeant Jack Crossman and the Attack on Kertch Harbour (Fncy Jack Crossman 4) / Kilworth, Garry Douglas Hd.back.Publ.2002. Cond. like new. Read once. £9.00

53194 Battle Tactics of Civil War / Griffith, Paddy. Hd.back.Publ.1989. 239 pages. Illustr.in bl. & wh..Cond. very good/ like new. An excellent copy. £14.00

53195 German Army Uniforms and Insignia, 1933-1945 / David, Brian L. Hd.back.Publ.1971.224 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. good. Dust cover missing.Pages yellowing. £6.22

53196 GREENWOOD & BALL JOURNAL Summer 1972 / - 56p. ills. good condition pbk. Military Articles and illustrated adverts for Minot, Garrison etc etc £8.50

53197 JOB's FRENCH ARMY OF NAPOLEON - CD / - 100 Colour repros of JOB's Uniforms. PC/Mac compatible £9.50

53198 KNOTEL'S NAPOLEONS ADVERSARIES + THE PRUSSIAN ARMY : CD / - Britain and all sorts of Allies (100 Colour plates ) & Prussian Army (70). PC/Mac compatible £9.50

53199 SPENCER SMITH ACW INFANTRY ADVANCING / - 10 Plastic figures. Grey. In Kepi £7.50

53200 SPENCER SMITH ACW CAVALRY ADVANCING / - 5 Figures., White Plastic £7.50

53202 MINIFIGS S RANGE : CRIMEAN WAR TURKISH INFANTRY MAN - 25mm / - PAINTED to a decent wargaming standard. 5 Figures £9.50

53203 MINIFIGS S RANGE : CRIMEAN WAR BRITISH HUSSAR / - PAINTED to a decent wargaming standard. 3 Figures £9.50