We have plenty for you to peruse at Caliver Books this week

BOXER REBELLION: An overview of the conflict and the forces involved/Marrion, Bob 60p. Large format pbk. well illus inc colour. Good introduction based on his Military Modelling articles £17.50

Wargaming Campaigns: Hyde, Henry. A Hefty 530 pages of Wargaming goodness. Mint Hardback. 200+ photos, maps and diagrams. Although campaigns can be very rewarding, many wargamers are deterred by the need to produce maps and devise mechanisms for strategic movement, Intelligence, logistics, recruiting reinforcements, keeping track of casualties etc. Henry Hyde's excellent book greatly eases this task with masses of sound advice, concrete suggestions and even a full set of campaign rules useful for any period up to AD 1900. £31.95

THE GREAT WAR CARD GAME - WORLD WAR 1 1914 - 1918 - 1 OR 2 players- By award-winning game designer Dana Lombardy is a simple, fast-playing stand-alone (non-collectible) 2-player card game built around important weapon systems, commanders, and other historical aspects of this unprecedented industrial-scale war. Two 54-card decks feature colourized historical images and illustrations by game industry Hall of Fame graphic artist Rodger B. MacGowan. Icons, insignias, and game text on each card eliminate the need for complex rules. £46.95

CAVALRY IN THE WILDERNESS : Cavalry in the Western Theatre of the French Indian & AWI/ 210p. HBK illus in colour

Stephen L. Kling, Jr.’s newest volume is an examination of the evolution and use of mounted units during the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War with a focus on North America’s western frontier. This beautiful, full-colour book features both original art and historical images and documents, making it both informative and pleasant to read. £35.00

The American Revolutionary War in the West/ Kling, Arnold, Carr, Carstens etc etc 370p. very large format Hardback. Very well illus in colour on nearly ever page . New but may have slight damage to corners. Covers various military aspects and actions. Includes Clark's conquest of the Illinois Country • Spanish aid to the Americans up the Mississippi River • Galvez's Mississippi River campaign • 1780 Attacks on St. Louis and Cahokia as part of a British grand plan to control the entire Mississippi River Valley • Colonial St. Louis, Cahokia and Ste. Genevieve • etc. £55.00

ATLANTA BESIEGED: Regimental level scenarios for July 1864-

130p. mint large format full colour pbk. Any set of Brigade or Regimental rules , with amendments for 20-100 men per figure/Stand Times are given for 10, 15, and 20 minutes per game turn. Maps are in full colour, as are the numerous colour photographs of the modern battlefield. £22.50


The theme for this issue is New Napoleonics and they try to cover all bases under that umbrella – new to Napoleonics, new Napoleonic rules, new Napoleonic figures, and a project to create a new Napoleonic force from recycled stock. £5.99

T-34 Goes To War : World of Tanks/ Ulanov & Shein 240p. mint Hbk. 100+ illus, some colour. Translation of work using recently released archive material about the design, procurement, development, manufacturing, and combat employment of Soviet armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) during World War Two £39.50

GHOSTS OF THE JUNGLE THE AUSTRALIAN SAS IN VIETNAM : A Solitaire Wargame- Large format full colour pbk Stand alone book or can be used with miniatures. In the game, it’s 1966 and Sergeant Allen, together with Troopers Baker, Clarke and Dixon of the Third SAS Division must undertake covert missions in the jungle of Vietnam, in an area swamped by Viet Cong. £12.95

H30124 MINIATURE WARFARE MAGAZINE- issues 13- 24 in binder / - Classic rare Tunstill wargames magazine rom the late 60s £89.50

H30125 INSIGNES de l’Armée française en Indochine. Arme blindée et Cavalerie / Mirlier 120p. large format v well illus inc Colour badges FRENCH TEXT. Lacks jacket. Records the service of each of the units in Indo-china £175.00

H30129 Great Tank Scandal: Part 1: British Armour in the Second World War / Fletcher 130p. large format pbk v well illus Very good condition 1 only £55.00

H30133 GRANT RISING: Mapping the Career of a Great Commander Through 1862 (Map Study Series) / Knight, J 120p large format full colour Hardback. 46 Maps, 3 orbat; Text and strategic overview £57.50

We have as always some second hand and shop-soiled Books and Rules

53204 TREATISE CONTAINING THE ELEMENTARY PART OF FORTIFICATION REGULAR & IRREGULAR / Muller 230p illus. Quality numbered limited edition near fine hardback 1776 edition £57.50

53205 CARRI ARMATA : ITALIAN LIGHT TANKS 3 volume set: / - Ex-MOD library good paperbacks though 1 volume loose 270p. Exceptionally well illus with photos CV 33-35 and L 6/40. Some text in ITALIAN £25.00

53206 How to Play War Games in Miniature / Morschauser Hd.back.Publ.1962. 134 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. good. Dust cover missing. £15.00

53207 Introduction to Battle Gaming / Wise, Terence Hd.back.Publ.1969.168pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. good. Dust cover tatty. A classic. Contains wargames rules. £12.95

53208 MOTORIII : LE Truppe Corazzate Italiane 1919-1994 / Pignato 200p; large format V well illus. VGC pbk. ITALIAN TEXT. Largely 1919-1945. Tanks/ A/Cs and Self propelled artillery Inc experimental and German tanks in Italian service £35.00

53209 Short History of the Spanish Civil War (I.B.Tauris Short Histories) / Casanova, Julian P bk, Publ. 2013 230P. Bl.& wh. Illustr.Cond. very good. £22.50

53210 Peninsular War (Wargaming in History) / Featherstone, Donald. P bk, Publ. 1991. 127P. Bl.& wh. Illustr.Cond. like new. A classic. £19.50

53211 Sabre's Edge for Matthew Hervey and the Light Dragoons / Mallinson, Alan Hardback, Publ. 2003.320 pages. Fiction. Cond. very good. Pages yellowing. £3.00

53212 Crucible of War :Vol II - Auchinleck's Command: v. 2 / Pitt, Barrie. P bk, Publ. 1986 362P. Bl.& wh. Illustr. Cond. good. Pages yellowing.Corners curled over. £3.00

53213 Battles With Model Soldiers / Featherstone, Donald. Hd.back.Publ.1984.216 pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. very good. A classic. £28.00

53214 Guide to War Gaming / Quarrie, Bruce. Hd.back.Publ.1990.235pages.Illustr.in full colour and bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £4.95

53215 French Army of the Orient 1798-1801: Napoleon's beloved 'Egyptians' (From Reason to Revolution) / Martin, Yves P bk, Publ. 2017. 128P. Bl.& wh. Illustr. in bl. & wh. Cond. like new. £11.50

53216 'A Rabble of Gentility': The Royalist Northern Horse, 1644-45 (Century of the Soldier) / Barratt John P bk, Publ. 2017, 112P. Bl.& wh. Illustr.Cond. like new.Read once. £6.00

53217 American Civil War: the Cavalry and Artillery: 002 (Officers & Soldiers) / Jouineau & Mongin P bk, 82P. Full colour Illustr.Cond. very good. £22.45

53218 Napoleonic Army Handbook: Vol 1 BRITAIN & HER ALLIES / Partridge & Oliver 475p. near fine hardback. essential source £15.00

53219 Warpaint: Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003 1) / Taylor 100p. large format v well illus inc colour. Mainly WWI & WWII £15.00

53220 Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two / Chamberlain & Doyle 275p. large format near find HBk. Very well illus £25.00

53221 CHAIN OF COMMAND : BLITZKRIEG 1940 SUPPLEMENT / - near fine £19.50

53222 ARMIES AND UNIFORMS OF MARLBOROUGH'S WARS 2) Smaller States / Grant, CS Grant C S . near mint Pbk Includes 40+ all new Bob Marrion colour ill. Charles Grant. 90p. colours plates by Bob Marrion. £14.50

53223 Mechanized force: British tanks between the wars / Fletcher 130p. large format v well illus pbk £59.50

53224 Middle East Wars 1948-1973 / Valls Large format full colour pbk. AK interactive. 100p Colour photos and colour cammo on every page £19.50

53225 German Army in World War 2: A Modelling Review / Andrea Press 80p large format near fine pbk colour diorama and painting guide £19.50

53226 Battles with Model Soldiers / Featherstone, Donald. P bk, Publ. 1972. 209P. Bl.& wh. Illustr. Cond. good. £3.50

53227 Kangzhan: Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937–45 / Ness, Leland & Shih, Bin P bk, Publ. 2016. 575P. Bl.& wh. illustr. Cond. like new. £17.00

53228 Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War / Farrukh Near mint. V. well illus. HBK 310p £28.00

53229 RN Minor War Vessels in Focus / Warlow, Lt Cdr Ben. RN P bk, Publ. 230P. Bl.& wh. illustr.Cond. very good. £2.00

53230 Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature: a Wargamers' Guide to the Napoleonic Wars, 1796-1815 / Quarrie, Bruce. Hd.back.Publ.1992.235pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £75.00

53231 Vickers Tanks From Landships to Challenger 2 / Foss & Mckenzie Hd.back.Publ.1995. 278pages.Illustr.in bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £30.00

53232 Tank Battles in Miniature: Wargamers' Guide to the Western Desert Campaign, 1940-42 / Featherstone, Donald. P bk, Publ. 230P. Bl.& wh. illustr.Cond. very good. £14.95

53233 Tank Battles in Miniature 4: A Wargamers' Guide to the Mediterranean Campaigns 1943-1945 / Featherstone, Donald. Hd.back.Publ.1977.152 pages.Illustr.in full bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £89.50

53234 Civil War in Bath and North Somerset / Wroughton, John 150p. illus G/C pbk £10.00

53235 Wellington's Brigade Commanders: Peninsula and Waterloo / McGuigan 320p. Mint HBK illus £9.00

53236 Warpaint: v. 2: Colours and Markings of British Army Vehicles 1903-2003 / Taylor 175p. Large format . VGC pbk V well illus. Largely Mid war cammo schemes including detailed discussion of Desert & Italian patterns using original material £18.00

53237 WARFARE IN THE AGE OF NAPOLEON SCENARIOS 1) / Kershner& Wood near fine Large format pbk. 11 scenarios & army lists. Useful for all Napoleonic rules. FLEURUS 1794 HASLACH 1805 SAFELD 1806 HOFF 1807 RAAB 1809 BUSACO 180 ALBUERA 1811 BORODINO 1812 (4 scenarios) Inc colour maps £10.00

53238 Ladysmith Colenso: Battleground South Africa: Colenso/Spion Kop, Boer War / Childs, Lewis P bk, Publ. 1998. 160 p. Bl.& wh. illustr. Cond. .like new £6.00

53239 German Army Handbook of 1918 / Beach, James Hd.back. 186 pages. Cond. new. Mint. £5.00

53240 Peninsular War (Wargaming in History) / Featherstone, Donald. P bk, Publ.1991 127P. Bl.& wh. illustr.Cond. very good. £15.00

53241 Make This Crusader Castle (Usborne Cut-out Models) / Usborne P bk, Publ. 2009. 28 card pages. Full colour cut out model of castle. Unused. Near fine. £17.00

53242 VIVA JUAREZ! A Wargames Resource Book for The French Intervention in Mexico, 1862-1867 1) THE ARMIES 2) THE BATTLES / - 2 volume large format near mint pbk set 265p. v well illus in colour £56.00

53243 SAMURAI WARGAME RULES / SMITH Classic 1974 London Wargames Society ring bound rules £5.00

53244 WAR GAMES RULES 1750-1850 / - War game research Group 1971 the Red Covered Napoleonic rules we all played to death - except this one which even still has its QRF £25.00

53245 AMERICAN CIVIL WAR RULES NOSTALGIA PACK 1) Skytrex 1974 edition: 2) London Wargames society / - - £12.50

53246 BATTLE FOR WARGAMERS: THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR 1862 / Terry Wise 40p. good condition pbk. pull out maps . 5 Senarios. Scarce £14.50

53247 MEDIEVAL CAMPAIGN & BATTLE RULES / Lamming, WH Skirmish Rules. 1976 near fine pamphlet £5.95

53248 WARGAMES TACTICS / Grant, Charles 192p. Near fine Hardback £18.50

53249 Wagram: At the Heyday of the Empire (Great Battles of the First Empire) / Hourtoulle Near Fine Large format full colour hardback. £50.00

53250 LONE WARRIOR: SOLO WARGAMES MAGAZINE 6 issues 1985 / - near fine. 6 isues covering all periods £15.00

53251 FRENCH NAPOLEONIC ARMY OF CARLE VERNET 1758-1836 / - CD ROM with 96 FUll colour plates. £8.50

53252 BUCQUOY's FRENCH ARMY 1640-1946 / - CD ROM WITH 147 Full colour plates £9.95

53253 FRENCH ARMIES OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS 1) / - CD ROM with 180+ full colour plates by Marbit, Taconville & Bellange £0.00


53255 TANGIER TO TEHRAN: A Wargamer's guide to Middle Eastern Armies of the Napoelonic & Pre-Colonial Era 1780-1830 / Bevis, Mark 130p illus. Good condition large format PBK. Uniforms & Orbats Scarce £20.00

53256 L’Armée du costume militaire Française / Bouchot & JOB 300p. Very large format near mint Pbk. FRENCH TEXT Superb line drawings by JOB largely Napoleonic & C18th - Some colour. A Quality Ken Trotman reprint £45.00

53257 PROJECT Z- Warlord's Zombie Game / - Mint, not in shrink wrap, slight bump to box. Almost Half Price Will count as 2 books if posted abroad. £35.00

53258 John Bell Hood and the War for Southern Independence / McMurry, Richard M. P bk, New, mint, in unopened sealed bag. £15.00

53259 Kimberley (Battleground South Africa) / Childs, Lewis P bk, Publ.2001. 176P. Bl.& wh. illustr. Cond. new. Mint. £3.00