We have details below of the much requested Never Mind the Billhooks 2nd edition (Deluxe), but please note this is a pre-order only we don't have a price yet! Also, if you are thinking of heading to the Warfare show next month, we are now taking pre-orders for it.

NEVER MIND THE BILLHOOKS : DELUXE./Callan, Andy. READ THIS PROPERLY!! To save us time answering the constant emails I'm listing this now as a PRE-ORDER, even though we don't have a price yet. This item will be sent Post free TO UK & EUROPE, and for only £2 postage the Rest of the world. You will be charged on dispatch,

ITALIENFELDZUG. German Tanks And Vehicles 1943-1945 VOL.1

Daniele Guglielmi and Mario Pieri. Large format Hard cover. 250 pages, more than 400 large photographs, 23 maps, 11 colour profiles, as well as vehicle markings and reproductions of original documents. This is an exhaustive study of the ground operations and the most important vehicles fielded by the German army in the Italian campaign. The authors use a wide range of sources including photos from official German and Allied countries´ archives. Detailed information is provided for each photograph based on the extensive research of the subject by the authors. £37.50

ITALIENFELDZUG : German Tanks & Vehicles 1943-1945 : Volume 2 / Guglielmi, Daniele & Pieri, Mario. 250p. mint hbk 16 colour profiles, 600+ photos This second volume of the Italienfeldzug collection provides in depth analyses of the Panther tank, the Marder II and III self-propelled anti-tank guns, the Grille self-propelled howitzer, various models of field artillery, heavy artillery, and towed anti-tank guns. £36.50

SGVP005: Stargrave Mercenaries II

28mm Hard Plastic. This boxed set offers enough parts to build 20 well-equipped female characters for Stargrave, ideal for use in independent crews or as members of the pirate fleets hunting them down. While this kit includes a range of weaponry and a mix of alien and human heads, even more variety can be achieved by mixing in components from other female Stargrave boxed sets. £19.50- Can be post free world wide like all the figures we stock. VAT & HANDLING PAID INTO EUROPE

Flames of War Challenger Armoured Troop (Plastic) BBX72

15mm Battlefront Miniatures. Contains sprues for 4 x plastic Challenger and 1 x decal sheet £24.00

Battle for Hungary 1944-1945/ By: Hurkmans, Roger & Bayerl, Mirko. Large format pbk 200p with high-quality maps, illustrations and photographs in full colour and black and white Includes Kit models and dioramas with practical tips. Includes brief historical background. £37.50.

BERBER INFANTRY - Armies Of Islam. - Fireforge Games

DVAI01-BS: 28mm scale. This box contains twenty-four multi-part plastic Berber Infantry soldiers that you can assemble with several weapons like swords, shields and/or bows. Figures are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly. £25.00

BLACK GUARD - Armies Of Islam. - Fireforge Games

DVAI02-BS: 28mm scale. This box contains twenty-four multi-part plastic Black Guard soldiers with their characteristic spears and shields. This kit contains also several accessories to assemble standard bearers and musicians. Figures are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly. £25.00

PANZER DNA : German Military Vehicles Of World War II : Camouflage, Markings & Organization/ Guglielmi, Daniele & Pieri, Mario. 140p. Mint large format hardback very well illustrated including colour charts and photos. A useful guide; includes: organization, colours and markings, zimmerit, ranks, signalling. £35.00

We have, as always, some second hand Books and Rules./ Older Existing Stock has been further discounted

53623 BATTLES WITH MODEL SOLDIERS / Featherstone very good condition pbk. Classic wargames reading £7.50

53624 CAVALRY IN THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR / Wrangel, Gen Gustav near fine large format pbk £7.50

53625 Fighting for the Faith: The many fronts Crusade and Jihad 1000-1500 AD / Nicolle near mint hbk. Covers all the major campaigns around the world, and the different styles of warfare that emerged. Unique take on the crusades £5.00

53626 Military memoirs of the great civil war PLUS an account of the earl of Glencairn's expedition as general of His Majesty's forces in the Highlands of Scotland in the years 1653 & 1654 / John Gwynne 240p. GC pbk. Gwynne was a Royalist who later served under Montrose and at Dunkirk with the Duke of York £6.50

53627 Over Open Sights Early Naval Wargaming Rules 1873- 1904 Early Wargames Volume 6 / Cury (ed) near fine pbk £6.95

53628 STRAWHEAD: SONGS OF THE CIVIL WAR BOOKLET / - 120p, near fine NOtes to the LP of same name. Sources, Discussion of choice, Verses not included etc etc. We do still have a few Complete Strawhead CDs left £7.50

53629 Action at the Galudoghson, December 14, 1742.: Colonel James Patton, Captain John McDowell and the First Battle with the Indians in the Valley of ... Containing Early Accounts of the Battle / - 44p. near fine pbk reprint £5.00

53630 NAPOLEONIC WAR GAME RULES / Reed Classic 1970s old school rules. Good condition only £10.00

53631 English Civil War Recreated in Colour Photographs / Honeywell 100p. near fine pbk. All colour photos £0.00

53632 LACE WARS : Supplement 1) THE WARS OF GLORY / - Historical scenarios 14 battles or part battles from the Dunes 1658 to Mount Cassel 1707 Includes colour flags in various scales. The Battles of Louis XIV. Near fine £9.50

53633 COSTUME COLLECTION AT TULLIE HOUSE CARLISLE / - 70p, all colour illus covers 1700 Onwards £7.50

53634 INTRODUCTION TO WARGAMING / Sandars, John near fine Hardback. Very scarce published 1975 £35.00

53635 BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER : ACW small action rules / - large format v well; illus near fine pbk. Includes French Indian war and War of 1812 options £18.00

53636 PRUSSIAN & AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN FLAGS OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR / Pengel & Hurt large format near fine pbk £14.50

53637 AK47 Republic: Africa 1955-1990 / - Peter Pig large format rules 1.1 £5.00

53638 SETTING THE EAST ABLAZE - 1st edition 1918-192? rules / - near mint £5.00

53639 SHAKO: NAPOLEONIC RULES 1st edition / - near fine large format pbk £121.00

53640 Seven Years War Army Lists. A Companion to The 1685 - 1845 Rules. Wargames Research Group / - near mint pbk £18.00

53641 SECOND ITALIAN WAR INDEPENDENCE 1859 / Casali near fine pbk., 80 orbats, uniforms, flags etc £8.75

53642 Goths, Huns and Romans (Wargaming in History) / Macdowall near f ine pbk £0.00

53643 ACTION UNDER SAIL 1756-1815 / Birnie near fine A5 rules . Revised ed. £6.00

53644 AGE OF EAGLES : Late C19th Warfare rules / - near fine A5 rules. £6.00

53645 Foreign Legionaries in the Liberation of Spanish South America / Hadbrouck Reprint of this classic work on the campaigns and personalities. in 7 pamphlets £42.50

53646 Battle! Practical Wargaming / Grant, Charles Near mint original 1970 MAP publication £39.50

53647 Arms and Unforms: The Napoleonic Wars: Part 2: The French Garde Imperiale, the Armies of the German Duchies, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Austria and Russia / Funcken Near Mint hardback. all colour illus.. of course £25.00

53648 MEN WHO WOULD BE KINGS: Osprey Colonial wargames rules / Mersey, San Mint but crease to back cover £8.00

53649 BATTLEGAMES ISSUE 1 / - Henry Hyde's wargaming magazine. Near mint £3.00

53650 PANZER KORPS BUNDLE: 1st edition PLUS ITALIAN HANDBOOK / - near fine Glossy A4 set. - Fantastic Battalion level rules for 6-15mm. ((great for those Minifigs 10mm !!!) Orbats; airpower; Tank recovery. etc. Full scenario and campaign support £20.00

53650 World War 2 Wargaming: AIRFIX magazine Guide 15 / Quarrie, Bruce Hdbk, pub 1976, 64 pages, b&w photographs. Good condition, some tanning. £15.00

53651 Wheeled Armoured Fighting Vehicles / White, B. T. Hdbk, pub 1983, 128 pages, b&w photographs, colour illustrations. V. Good condition. £8.50

53652 British Victory in Egypt: The End of Napoleon's Conquest / Mackesy, Piers Pbk, pub. 2010, 282 pages. Like new, mint. £20.00

53653 Rome and Her Enemies: An Empire Created and Destroyed by War. / Penrose, Jane (Ed) Pbk, pub 2005, 304 pages, colour illustrations throughout. VG condition. £5.00

53654 British Armoured Cars Since 1945 / Dunstan, Simon Pbk, pub 1989, 48 pages, b&w photographs. VG condition. £5.00

53655 Flags and Standards of the Napoleonic Wars / Over 120p. v well illus inc colour. VGC PBK in jacket £7.50

53655 Battle of Barrosa 1811: Forgotten battle of the Peninsula war / Grehan, John & Mace, Martin Hdbk, pub. 2012, 212 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new, mint. £8.77

53656 ARMY OF TANG CHINA / Ranitzch K Montvert pbk. v well illus inc colour VGC £20.00

53656 Battle of Neuve Chapelle / Bridger, Geoff Pbk, pub. 2009, 144 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new, mint. £7.50

53657 Armoured Warfare in the British Army 1914-1939 / Taylor, Dick Hdbk, pub 2022, 232 pages, b & w photographs. Like new, mint. £14.50

53658 Prince Eugene of Savoy: A Genius for War Against Louis XIV and the Ottoman Empire / Falkner, James Hdbk, pub. 2022, 214 pages, illustrated. Like new, mint. £18.00