Lots of exciting stuff from Caliver Books this week

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Oathmark Goblin Slave Brigades- This box set contains enough parts for you to build 30 Goblin Infantry. You are provided with enough weapon options to make them all slaves with hand weapons, all slingers or any combination of both. Each frame also contains a standard bearer and a officer option. £23.50

BATTLE IN THE CIVIL WAR: GENERALISHIP & TACTICS IN AMERICA 1861-65-Griffith, Paddy & Dennis, Peter. 50p large format quality illustrated paperback. Last few found in a loft. Note : This is the same as the so called new edition, now produced as a print on demand paper back. with a different cover at £15 Just £8.50

Foreign Panthers The Panzer V in British, Soviet, French and other service 1943-58 Osprey NVG 313- . A study of the little-known career of Germany's Panther, perhaps the greatest tank of World War II, in foreign hands both during and after the war. Shipping now. £13.50

ADVANCE TO TUNISIA PART 1: Scenarios-Large format illus pbk 110p. 22 WWII scenarios that chronicle the first attempt of Allied ground forces to capture Tunisia from 17 November to 25 December 1942. Although these scenarios have been play-tested with Final Combat and Micro Melee, they will work with most rules. Realistic tactics should result in historically accurate outcomes. However, certain liberties regarding force ratios have been taken for the sake of pliability £36.50

BATTLEGROUP : WESTWALL-The fighting in the autumn of 1944, after the Allied victory in Normandy and the subsequent race across France, but before the German counter-offensive in the Ardennes in December. Includes new 44 Panzer Brigade Army List, new scenarios and a mini-campaign. £13.50

WW3-07 World War III: RED DAWN - Team Yankee- £13.95


Battlefront Miniatures 15mm. Contains: • 9x BMD-1 or BMD-2 Transports • 9x Assault rifle teams • 6x RPG-7 anti-tank team • 3x T-64BV Tanks • 3x BTR-ZD 23mm AA Vehicles • 2x Mi-24 Hind Assault Helicopter Company • 1x Red Dawn BMD Objective • 1x Exclusive Alternate Command Team • 2x Flight Stands • 1x Complete A5 Rulebook • 1x “Start Here” Booklet • 16x Unit Cards - FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE

HAIL CAESAR SECOND EDITION - Warlord Games- PRE -order PRICE £29.95

ITALIAN WARS VOLUME 4 The Battle of Ceresole 1544 - The Crushing Defeat of the Imperial Army/Miller, S. 126p 21 b/w ills, 8 pages colour plates, 6 b/w maps. In this fourth volume of the series, the events that led to the battle of Ceresole are examined. The phases of the battle have been reconstructed and described in detail, comparing the many and varied accounts. The armies and troops that fought at the battle are also examined in detail, as are their leaders. The culmination of this groundbreaking research is the creation of 8 specially commissioned original colour plates depicting the clothing, equipment, flags and heraldic devices of the armies at Ceresole. £19.95

ARMIES & WARS OF THE SUN KING 1643-1715 VOLUME 5 Buccaneers and Soldiers in the Americas-Chartrans, R. 340p 102 b/w illustrations, 24 b/w photos, 50 colour illustrations, 2 colour photos, 58 maps, 2 tables. Louis XIV, France’s Sun King, had global Overseas Grand Visions for his nation. In America. His transformation of struggling small Caribbean settlements into an extensive and very prosperous French domain amidst many challenges and battles are mostly unknown. Thanks to research mostly in France’s overseas archives, we offer this study. In its first narrative nine chapter, covering the 16th to the early 18th century, the West Indies and much of coastal Latin America were in near-perpetual hostilities largely caused by the fantastic riches found in America. £29.95

H30402 Battle of the Peaks and Long Stop Hill: Tunisia, April-May 1943 / Mitchell 252p. mint pbk. well illus. The 78th Division& the forgotten battles of Spring 1943 £25.00

H30405 BATTLE IN AFRICA 1879-1914 / Howard Whitehouse & Dennis, Peter 50p large format quality illustrated paperback. Last few found in a loft. Note : This is the same as the so called new edition, now produced as a print on demand pbk. with a different cover at £15 £8.50

H30407 Roman Plate Armour / Bishop, M Osprey ELITE 247 Shipping now £13.50

H30408 Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945: Eastern Front / Zaloga Osprey NVG Shipping now £11.50

H30412 Onwards to Omdurman : The Anglo-Egyptian Campaign to Reconquer the Sudan, 1896-1898 / Surridge mint pbk. 170 pages 30 b/w illustrations, 8 b/w photos, 9 colour illustrations, 13 maps £18.95



H30419 NAPOLEONIC BATTLE ORBATS / - 1 only 600+ pages photocopied from the now out of print LES CAMPAGNES NAPOLOENIENES 1796-1815 by Editions Quator. French text. Battle orbats for the French armies and their opponents £49.50

We have as always some second hand and shop-soiled Books and Rules

53704 IN HOC SIGNO VINCES : The Swedish State Trophy Collection / - near mint. Large format Hardback. V wel ill inc olour 225p. Study of the unrivalled flag collection in Swedish Museums. Mainly C17th, some C18th. Essays on the background to the collection; spoils of war; motifs & emblems etc etc. £69.95

53705 Crusader Warfare Volume II: Muslims, Mongols and the Struggle Against the Crusades / Nicole 350p. ex lib but near fine HBK £11.50

53706 SHOGUN'S SOLDIERS VOLUME 1 The Daily Life of Samurai and Soldiers in Edo Period Japan, 1603-1721 / Von Essen MInt pbk, very slight damage to spine. 342p PBK. 139 b/w ills & photos, 123 colour ills & photos, 2 maps, 15 tables £19.50

53707 Military Campaigns of the Wars of the Roses / Haigh 200p. illus near fine HBK £19.50

53708 Armies And Warfare In The Pike and Shot Era / Featherstone, Donald near mint Hardback £19.50

53709 Greece and Rome at War / Connolly, Peter very large format all colour illustrations. 310p. VGC hardback £10.00

53710 Atlas of Military Strategy: The Art, Theory and Practice of War, 1618-1878 / Chandler, David 210p. very large format, v well illustrated. (will count as 2 books for shipping overseas) £11.50

53711 Roundhead General: Campaigns of Sir William Waller / Adair near mint hardback £5.00

53712 Naseby: The Decisive Campaign / Foard 430p. well illus Near Mint Hardback. Superb campaign and battle study £20.00

53713 Edgehill 1642 / Young, Brig Peter 325p. near fine pbk. Still a great read with essential info , even after all thee years £6.50

53714 Late Byzantine Army:, 1204-1453 / Bartusis 430p near mint hardback £24.50

53715 English Civil War Day by Day / Embleton, W 220p. near mint illus hardback. It does what it says on the tin! £5.00

53716 Cromwell's Crowning Mercy: The Battle of Worcester, 1651 / Atkin, M 200p. near mint illus Hardback £6.00