DAK ATTACK: Solo or Multiplayer rules for gaming the Long Range Desert Group-Includes cards BACK IN STOCK. A set of rules written for the Long Range Desert Group, which can be used for Solo or Multi-Player games. The ruleset comes complete with markers, separate play sheets, and two sets of game/mission cards. Ideal for 28mm. £29.99

PERFIDIOUS ALBION: 1806-1810 -Hopper, Michael. 27 scenarios providing detailed orders of battle and maps for battalion/brigade level rules. Features scenarios from Africa, South America, and Europe such as Blaawberg, Buenos Aires, Ventosa, and Lugo. £35.00

RISE OF ALBION: 1809 – 1811 -Hopper, Michael. Contains 27 Napoleonic scenarios providing detailed orders of battle and maps for battalion and brigade level rules. Includes battles Torrijo-Alcabon, Casa de Salinas, Talavera, and more. £35.00

Wars of the First Empire - A Soldiers of Napoleon Supplement

/ Fourteen army lists over four campaign theaters, for the wars of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Coalitions against France, 1805-09, and the invasion of Russia in 1812. You will need a copy of Soldiers of Napoleon Rulebook and Card Set to fully appreciate and use this supplement. £25.00

GBP37: Parthian Cataphracts - New Gripping Beast plastics

28mm Plastic figures. Contains parts to assemble 12 Parthian Cataphracts, making up to 6 bases of cavalry in the Swordpoint game system. These figures represent the famous heavily armoured Cataphracts of the Parthian Empire. They can also be used to represent similar troops fielded by the Armenian and Sassanid armies. Shipping now £22.50

VIETNAM WARGAMES: Modelling & Painting/Farnworth, M. 150p. large format full colour. How to paint figures, cammo schemes, modelling vehicles, boats and terrain etc. include tutorials on painting 12mm to 28mm miniatures from the American, French, Anzac, and North and South Vietnamese armies. FEW COPIES ONLY AIRLIFTED OVER £34.50

SCI-FI SKIRMISH SCENARIOS: Small-unit Missions For Use With Your Favourite Wargaming Rules-Lambshead, John. Thirty-six missions of varying complexity, each with clear objectives and victory conditions, a map showing set-up zones and some with special rules. John Lambshead gives advice on designing your own scenarios and campaigns and there is even a set of tables allowing you to quickly create them through random dice rolls, ensuring almost infinite variety to your games. £12.95

NEW WORLDS, OLD WARS The Anglo-American Indian Wars 1607-1678/David Childs, mint pbk 212p: 47 b/w illustrations, 7 b/w maps. From the moment English settlers arrived in the New World they came into contact with the native population, principally because of disputes over land ownership. To assert their rights to the country, which the English had been granted by their king without the consent of the local tribes, the English relied on their more modern weaponry but soon found that bows and arrows and superior tactics, and marksmanship by the Amerindians once they had obtained muskets, made the fighting far more even that the settlers had anticipated. £19.99

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 420 December 2022-Theme: Billhooks .£5.99

BROADSWORD: Age of Chivalry Grand Battle Rules 1066 to 1492

Covers the Norman Conquest to the collapse of Moorish Spain; from the vast desert battles of the Crusades to the Fall of Constantinople and more from 1066 to 1492. Can be used with any scale and no rebasing needed, offers historical organization and unit capabilities, uses HRG's Terrain Generation system, designed for a 30,000-man game to be completed in 3-4 hours, includes rules for Native Tribes & Far Eastern foes, and offers a point system. £29.95

BLOOD OF THE ANCIENTS : Tabletop Battles in Antiquity

Large format full colour. Any scale or base sizes. Fast play rules that emphasis manoeuvre and rapid advance to combat, utilising a Contested Ground concept. The game is d10 based with virtually no references to charts to make for a game that plays quickly with rules that are easy to learn. £29.95

SMOOTHBORE ORDNANCE JOURNAL 13: Defence Of Britain Against Napoleon: Barracks, Fortifications, Muskets, Rifles, And Shorncliffe.-150 pages. Large format paperback, well illus. Based around four major themes: the Duke of York’s reforms of the British Army; the Defence of Britain against Napoleon; Musketry & target practice & Militia & Volunteers. £20.00

H30429 NAPOLEONIC ARCHIVE 9: THE JOURNALS OF CAPTAIN HENRY OGLANDER OF THE 43RD & 47TH FOOT IN THE COPENHAGEN, CORUNNA & PENINSULA CAMPAIGNS. / Glover 300p. Mint HBk. some illus. He served at the following actions in the Peninsula: Coa, Busaco, Redhina, Foz d'Arouce, Sabugal, Fuentes d'Onoro, Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz (where he was severely wounded losing his left arm) Vitoria, San Sebastian (severely wounded again, losing a finger) and Bayonne £26.50


H30431 MOORE AND WELLINGTON: WAR IN THE BALTIC, MEDITERRANEAN AND PORTUGAL 1805-1808. / - 314pp., 21 maps, 52 orders of battle, 35 tables, 38 other illus. Sir John Moore and Sir Arthur Wellesley campaigned in the Baltic, the Mediterranean and Portugal in 1805-08. It culminated in the defeat of General Junot at Vimeiro and the evacuation on British ships of his French Army to France. £26.50

H30432 RUSSIAN ARTILLERY 1787-1815. / Summerfield & Swales Large format hardback 105 scale plans, 636 colour illus. incl.435 drawings, 120 photos., 64 of models, 17 paintings, 10 orders of battle, 69 tables. 2022. The evolution of Russian Artillery is explored in great depth using the wonderful scale plans of Norman Swales £37.50

H30433 ARMSTRONG HEAVY RIFLED BREECH LOADING GARRISON, NAVAL AND SIEGE ARTILLERY: ROYAL CARRIAGE DEPARTMENT PLANS, 1860-80. / Summerfield, S Large fdoemat hbk. Volume 2 of this series, 160pp., 4to, illustrated throughout with technical plans & Royal Carriage Department colour plates. 2022. he Royal Carriage Department plates were the working plans produced to accompany the various editions of the Treatise of Military Carriages £45.00

H30439 SMOOTHBORE ORDNANCE JOURNAL 12: AMERICAN CIVIL WAR RIFLED ARTILLERY. / - 150pp., 4to, well illus., large format PBK A valuable collection of articles including essays on the Armstrong & Whitworth involvement, full of technical drawings and photographs. £20.00

H30441 JAPANESE CONQUEST OF BURMA 1942 / - Osprey CAMPAIGN 384 Shipping now £12.95

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