Where did it all start for you? For me it was the new Minifigs 25mm Ancients range bought from the 'Wargamers Den' in Durham City back in the early 70's. The Colonel insists that he taught a chap called HG Wells to play something called 'Little Wars' - nobody here at the Depot believes him! I guess for many these days it all started with a Warhammer army bought from their local Games Workshop store. If that is the case then it may be worth looking (for nostalgic reasons of course) at what is new in our webstore - A complete, painted, Warhammer 'Empire' army. We believe that most, if not all of these mainly plastic figures, are now out of production - which is a real shame.

Our offerings have been painted to a wargames standard - mainly block painted. In fact they are crying out for a few washes etc to bring out a little more detail - it would be so easy to really make something of them! As a bonus many are also suitable for use as historical figures in the Italian Wars.

You can find them HERE