These are brand new from LITKO Game Accessories! 

(3) 3-inch Hex Movement Stands


The Fleet Movement Stands are compatible with a variety of outer space-related board and miniatures games such as Twilight Imperium by Fantasy Flight Games and Eclipse.

We’ve upgraded OUR game. These new and improved Fleet Movement Stands provide a more stable platform for your fleet.

Included in this deluxe set:
(3) 3-inch clear hexes
(9) nylon washers
(9) screws
(9) 1.75" aluminium posts

These precision laser-cut crystal clear acrylic stands allow you to see your game board below!
Move your space fleets around the board with ease and differentiate your units so you can identify which fighters are in space versus which are on planets.

Like our original set, these Fleet Stands are meant to be assembled and disassembled after each game.
Attach the aluminium posts with the provided screws and nylon washer.
See image for details.

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