Brand new for Star Trek Adventures, this awesome set of special edition Klingon Cloaked dice!
Amaze your fellow players with these cloaked dice and bring honour and glory to your Klingon game! Qapla'!*

This pack contains:
Two mottled red and black twenty-sided dice with the Klingon insignia on the 1 face (or possibly all 20 faces? Scans are inconclusive...).
Four custom six-sided Challenge Dice, which should feature icons for damage results on the 1 & 2 faces, and the Klingon insignia on the 5 & 6 faces, representing Effects.
* To properly read these dice, you'll need a metaphasic sweep generator, a tachyon detection grid, some antiproton beams, or long-range tachyon scanner, each sold separately.