Multi-material terrain kit featuring innovative system of resin slotted pillars combined with MDF, Perspex, Mirror & Card Components to build models of sleek sci-fi / modern steel and glass buildings.

We have released six kits.

‘Hab Block’ Domestic Habitation – Two apartments with balconies joined to a shared entrance hall.
‘Biz Block’ Commercial Building – Ground Floor shop – upper floor offices features back room and stairwell.
‘Fab Block’ Fabrication Building – Workshop / Factory or Warehouse. Features internal office, glass roof, internal walkway and roller shutter doors.
Each of these building styles has a base kit for the ground floor and roof and a separate ‘additional floor’ kit, so that you can leave the building as a single storey structure or build it as high as you want.

• Building Footprint 300mm x 225mm.
• Detailed Interiors
• Staircase or Lift Options
• Sleek Modern Steel pillar and Plexi-Glass style design
• Easy Assembly
• Designed to take optional 3mm cube rare earth magnets

RRP Ground Floor & Roof £40 / Additional Floor £28