Three new sets of unit reference cards for Combat Patrol. Each set of cards contains an organisation chart together with a unit reference card for each sub-unit with all of the ratings and weapon details already filled in so you can get your troops on the table and start playing.

The featured packs are German Fallschirmjaeger, Dutch Army and Dutch Marines.

Combat Patrol (TM) WW2 skirmish rules features the G.A.M.E.R.(TM) engine.  G.A.M.E.R.(TM) is a unique skirmish system in which cards are used not just for activation but for all aspects of combat resolution and melee.  No dice are used to resolve combat.  Over three years were spent in development.  The result is a system that flows smoothly and supports many-player gamers.

Combat Patrol is designed for playing platoon level WW2 actions, this is the same level of engagement as a Bolt Action game.

Units in the game are around five figures and represent a fire team or half squad of infantry, a heavy weapons team, a vehicle or an artillery piece.

Individual casualties are removed so it is best to use figures on single bases. Any scale of miniature can be used, 28mm, 20mm or 15mm so you can use the same wargames figures that you use for Bolt Action, Rapid Fire or even Flames of War!

Combat Patrol TM has been written by John 'Buck' Surdu, retired US Army Colonel and prolific and innovative games designer whose previous works include Gaslight, Look Sarge no charts, Fire Team Vietnam, Beer & Pretzels Skirmish and many, many more.