We've had these new Crossover Miniatures here for a while, but I've just got them added to the website.  These were all produced through a Kickstarter campaign towards the end of 2014, and it's now time to release them to everyone else!  There's a nice mix of Heroes, Bad Guys and Minions in this bunch, with everything from Ninjas with various weapons, through to galactic villains!

These are all available on the Minibits website HERE, along with all of the other Crossover goodies!  As with all Crossover figures, these come with a variety of heads for you to swap and change.

Bobbi Dazzler   £3.75
Infinitus   £3.75
Emperor Moth   £3.75
Wild Girl   £3.75
Wisteria   £3.75
Space Lord   £4.25

Ninjas w/ Weapons   £9.95
Ninjas w/ Guns   £9.95
Ninja Guard   £3.25
Ninja Boss w/ Gun   £3.75

Super Team   £8.95
Viridian Guardians   £8.95

And of course some pics!


Wild Girl:

Ninjas with weapons (Cowl heads):

Ninjas with guns (Bug-eye heads):

Viridian Guardians:

More info on Crossover Miniatures and all their great products can be found HERE