If you've heard of The Dice Bag Lady, you will know of the excellent dice bags I create. A series of wrist injuries (from making the things!) kicked me into making the brave step of diversifying into the big wide world of miniatures.

You may have heard of the "Believable Female Miniatures Project"

In a nutshell, I have begun to stock as many models as I can find which are female and not overtly sexualised or, well, silly. You know, no chainmail bikinis or crotchless plate armour etc. Just cool women, battling, adventuring etc.

The next step for The Dice Bag Lady is to produce a range of historical female miniatures that fit this ethos. The first will be viking shieldmaidens.

Here is the very first of many! A very limited (very!) amount will be at Salute, and available to buy from the webshop a short while afterwards. THREE others of her sisters in arms are currently in various stages of the sculpting process.

Sculpted by Phil Hynes and painted up by Paul Cubbins.

The Dice Bag Lady
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