As well as the Laserburn and Tabletop 15mm Fantasy range Alternative Armies has many other classic ranges formally of Tabletop Games and Asgard Miniatures and some of the most popular of these are the Barbarians of the Wilds. A dozen character fantasy miniatures which are on the website as singles or as a value pack saving 5% or a value pack which has a free Midsummer Druidess included worth 2.00GBP.

While we have one more round of official releases this month to come later this week I wanted to point you to the new images and packs for these fantastic Barbarians. The updated images are larger and brighter.

Useful in dungeon crawl or roleplay as well as a warband in any wargaming system such as DarkeStorme we hope you enjoy these miniatures...oh and watch out for Hax Ragged he is a real nasty piece of work!