The Navy is coming!

So brand new that we haven’t received the kits yet, these pictures are fresh from the casting room and show the Paddle Steamer and VSF Ironclad that we, Black Pyramid Gaming, are adding to our 28mm Tea Wars and Steam and Steel figure ranges.

We shall produce more photographs when we have a painted display model ready, especially with some crew to give the ship real character, but for now we hope that the following pictures are enough to whet some appetites:

This is our new Naval Command pack – the Officer and Petty Officer each have separate arms so they can interchange to suit your choice of weaponry; the Signalman has a chest-mounted heliograph and is holding a compass.

Admiral Longbridge-Hayes, ready to watch his “boys” from afar.

Naval trooper in Topi hat drinking a nice refreshing cup of tea!

More to follow – thanks for looking.
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