Black Pyramid Gaming release more Vox Populi figures in 2018

We have had a great response from our customer base over recent months and now have a backlog of ideas to work through.  We are still interested in more fictional and historical personages to tinker with, so let us know your thoughts at:

[email protected]

Here are some of our current releases, available now from – all in 28mm scale, single figures are £4 each and the multi-packs are £10 each for either four or five figures.

The Great Beast – Aleister Crowley (sculpt by Martin Baker)

Infamous sorcerer and lore-keeper of ancient secrets, Crowley was adored, feared and hated in almost equal measure.  Whether you choose to cast him as a guardian against evil or as a madman bent on releasing the Elder Gods into our plane of existence, this pose in ceremonial robes will make a fine addition to your collection.

The Little Beast – Lola Zaza Crowley (sculpt by Martin Baker)

A child of Aleister Crowley, this sculpt of Lola is based on a photograph of her in ceremonial garb with what we think is a deer’s head as a skullcap.

Interdimensional Hero – Idris Barker (sculpt by Martin Baker)

A character of heroic ideals and amazing talents, Idris safeguards the multiverse from threats beyond our understanding.


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