After lots of wheeled vehicles, it’s time for the treadheads to get in on the action. I posted a picture of a hybrid Lightning Division tank that I’d created by combining the turret and hull from two different Neo-Soviet models along with the gun barrel and secondary turret from the Kurt blower. We’re going to make this an official release (with the caveat that it does need a little minor modelling work to assemble) as the Krauss, so we’ll have a few of these at Salute.

Now onto proper brand new models, we have two light tracked AFVs, again for the early Lightning Division detachment lists. The Falchion light tank has a 6cm railgun, and there’s also a light artillery version. The Fauchard light APC comes in several configurations, including a twin light mortar turret which is still in service in the later LD lists. I’m still waiting on the turret mould for the Falchion, but you can see a hull below next to a Fauchard with mortar turret. The lower picture shows the differences between the lower-hulled tank and the APC with vision ports.

These two vehicles are also useful for several other Slammers units including the Nonesuch National Guard and Guardforce O’Higgins.

HS15-1713 – Krauss Heavy Tank – £9.00
HS15-1714 – Falchion Light Tank – £7.50
HS15-1714a – Falchion Light Artillery – £7.50
HS15-1715 – Fauchard Light APC – £7.00
HS15-1715a – Fauchard Mortar Carrier -£7.50