Joining the Ottoman aerial navy today is our latest Aeronef release – a new version of the Sultan Selim battlecruiser. This original Sultan Selim was bought from Germany and refitted by the Turks, and the design has since been copied and built in the great Aeronef yards on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. The vessels are often grouped in fast Battlecruiser Squadrons which the Turks use to outflank enemy fleets, pinning them until the slower main fleet elements arrive.

The Sultan Selim joins the other Turkish Nef we released a few weeks ago – formerly known as the Abdül Aziz, we’ve had to rename it the Constantinople class. It appears that the name Abdül Aziz throws up all sorts of red flags within PayPal – every time someone orders one of these, the payment is held back while it’s checked to make sure we aren’t funding terrorist organisations or sending money to banned countries ! So to avoid more delays like this, it just seemed safer to rename the model…

The Sultan Selim is discounted by 7.5% (53p), and for each sale we’ll also donate the same amount to HEROES, a fund set up to help frontline NHS staff as they battle the Covid-19 outbreak. This will run until May 22nd – so far we’ve raised over £50 from our new releases. And this is a good time to remind you that the discount/fundraiser for our Small Scale Scenery releases (Oil Tanks, Tower Blocks and Vauban Fortifications) end this week.

VAN-2002 – Sultan Selim class Battlecruiser – £7.00 £6.47