We’re down the scales back to our 1/1000th Small Scale Scenery range today. We have a pair of castles, one from Germany and another from Italy – but both are really stately homes rather than proper fortified buildings capable of withstanding a siege.

Schloss Glücksburg, or Glücksburg Castle, is a water castle in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, very close to the Danish border. It was built from 1582-1587 by the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg on the site of a former monastery. The grounds of the abbey were then flooded to create the lake in which it sits almost entirely surrounded. It seems to have seen little military use over the years, although in WW2 Albert Speer used it as his office while British troops searching for Heinrich Himmler seem to have looted it. Whatever its heritage, it’s a striking looking and very colourful building.

Glücksburg Castle

Moving south into Italy, Castel del Monte (literally ‘Castle of the Mountain’ – it has nothing to do with tinned fruit…) is a 13th century citadel built on a hill in the southeast region of Apulia. It has no moat or other obvious defences, although there does seem to be evidence of there having been a wall at some time. It has been used as a hunting lodge or prison and in WW2 the US Air Force based a VHF navigation aid called Big Fence in the grounds. We have two versions of the citadel – one as it is now, and another with the original taller crenellated towers.

SSS-8178 – Castel del Monte (modern) – £3.00
SSS-8178a – Castel del Monte (original) – £3.00
SSS-8179 – Schloss Glücksburg – £2.50