Today we have a couple of additions to our EuroFed spaceship range, replacing another two of the older range of models. These should have been released a week ago, but my broadband went down and I couldn’t upload them…

Both are cruisers – the Valmy and Condorcet, medium and light cruisers respectively. Going back many, many years, the original Condorcet was the first spaceship model we ever made (and somewhere in Brigade towers is the silicon rubber mould – now black with age and use – from which we drop cast them over my kitchen stove !). These versions retain the same size and layout but with improved detailing to match the other new EuroFed ships.

SFS-420 – Valmy class Cruiser – £2.25
SFS-422 – Condorcet class Cruiser – £1.75

We’ll have stock of these at Crisis on Saturday, along with a massive selection of our other stuff – see you there !