Following on from the release of the 15mm versions last year, today sees the release of three 6mm Han Chinese vehicles – the same trio of wheeled tank, APC and scout car. The Hammer’s Slammers story that they are taken from, The Warrior, sees them fighting in a region of paddy fields and marshland, which is why they are equipped with wide balloon tyres to better negotiate the terrain.

These vehicles are used by the Han Black Banner Brigade, an elite armoured formation. Also in the works are large 8×8 trucks used by the People’s Militia infantry units, including an 18-round rocket launcher unit. This will give two contrasting options for Han forces and tactics – the laser-armed armoured vehicles of the Guards, or human wave attacks from the truck-borne militia. We’re currently working with John Treadaway on new playsheets for the Han – in fact, play-testing is happening next week.

HS6-501 – ZTZ-81 8×8 Laser Tank – £1.00
HS6-502 – ZSL-94 8×8 APC – £1.00
HS6-503 – CSK-27 Lìliàng 4×4 Scout Car – £0.50