We’ve created some new versions of our 6mm sci-fi Town Walls with walkways on the inside (well, we assume you’ll put them on the inside !) so that guards and defenders can keep a lookout for any attackers. We have straight walls, some with stairs from ground level, along with corner pieces.

In addition, we have a second type of entrance – our original version was open, whereas this one has small towers either side of a two-piece metal gate.

All of the new pieces have the same end connections as our existing walls and can be interchanged. We’ll have some stock of these at Hereward on Sunday.

B300-189 – Gateway with Towers – £2.50
B300-190 – Walls with Walkway (x4) – £6.00
B300-191 – Corners with Walkway (x4) – £6.00