Next on the release pipeline are our two 15mm civilian vehicles, part of what we hope will grow to be an much larger range of civilian and paramilitary vehicles. The Avery Etesian is a small, 4-seater hovercar that uses a semi-rigid skirt to act as a plenum chamber, driven by three powerful fans. The interior of even basic models is fairly well-appointed, and it carries its passengers in air-conditioned comfort. Although designed as family runabout for more civilised worlds, its simplicity and ease of repair means many models, especially older ones, have ended up on the frontiers.

The Ilingi grav truck is derived from Durrant Automotive’s Dundas military load carrier. Stripped of much of its military-specific equipment and lightened by the removal of the Dundas’ reactive armour panels, it carries a much larger load than the original vehicle. Although billed as a grav vehicle, it’s only capable of minimal lift, little more than a ground-effect vehicle. Ilingas are incredibly robust and can take a tremendous amount of rough handling, as evidenced by the battered example shown below, although the two grav node clusters at the rear of each skirt need careful looking after.

SF15-9001 – Avery Etesian Hovercar – £2.50
SF15-9002 – Durrant Ilinga Grav Truck – £7.50